Dead Cells’ designer livid at former studio for ending support for the game in ‘worst a**hole move imaginable’

Late last week came the news that, seven years after its early access release, original developers Motion Twin and DLC developers Evil Empire will be ending work on Dead Cells. Evil Empire was set up as a satellite studio to support the game and had been working on it for over five years, creating four DLCs and 18 updates including the recent (and excellent) Castlevania crossover, but now says it’s moving on to “secret projects”. 

The news didn’t seem like an enormous surprise: Dead Cells has been wildly successful, and has had great post-launch support, but it’s now an absolutely huge game and seven years of updates seems pretty healthy. But the game’s designer and a co-founder of Motion Twin, Sébastien Benard, has a very different take: this guy is absolutely furious about it, and seems to think Evil Empire is being thrown under the bus.

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