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Dead Cells Developer Motion Twin Unveils First Gameplay for New Game Windblown

Dead Cells studio Motion Twin has revealed the first gameplay footage of its new “lightning-fast action roguelite” Windblown.

Releasing sometime this year, Windblown looks to be taking a pretty different approach to Dead Cells; it’s an isometric 3D action game with an emphasis on movement (appropriately enough, given the developer’s name) and recrafting the gear of fallen warriors.

Windblown was first announced during the 2023 Game Awards ceremony, but this is the first time we’ve gotten a look at how it’ll actually play, and it looks like you’re going to need serious reflexes to deal with its challenges.

Motion Twin’s next game is looking pretty high-octane.

The new trailer shows off Windblown‘s gorgeous, fluid art style, bright color scheme, and speedy gameplay pretty effectively.

We get a glimpse of the main character training with a dummy, dashing across islands, and taking on massive enemies, only to fall, return to the training area, and repeat the process again.

Each time, however, we can see our character wielding a variety of different weapons, Hades-style, so it looks like you’ll be able to tackle runs with a variety of different gear.

Of course, these days, isometric action games aren’t worth writing home about if they don’t also have bullet hell elements, and so we also see our protagonist dodging a massive wave of spiralling projectiles.

Windblown will allow you to tackle its challenges either solo or alongside up to two other players in online co-op, but your buddies are going to need to keep up with you if you want to stand a chance of victory.

It’s good to see what Motion Twin is focusing on next after the announcement that active development on Dead Cells is ending. We’re still yet to learn what subsidiary and fellow Dead Cells studio Evil Empire will move on to, though.

You’ll be able to check out Windblown when it launches on PC via Early Access sometime this year. Stay tuned for more.

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