Dead Space Remake Centrifuge Puzzle Solution Guide

About halfway through Chapter 3 of the Dead Space Remake, you’ll be tasked with activating the Centrifuge. If you’ve played the 2008 version of the game, you might remember how this works. However, if you’re like me and have forgotten — or if this is your first time playing this survival horror classic — getting the Centrifuge running again can be a bit confusing. Here’s what to do. 

How to Solve the Centrifuge Puzzle in Dead Space Remake

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Ok, calling this a puzzle is a bit gracious; it’s certainly not as complicated as Scorn’s first puzzle, which can keep you from seeing more than the game’s first hour. Regardless, it’s easy to get stuck here while flying around in zero gravity. So how do you fix the Centrifuge?

When you enter the chamber from the airlock, you’ll notice a large spherical structure in the middle of the room. That’s the Generator Module. As well, there are two arms off to each side with two rotating mechanisms on them. These are the Clutches.

The red diagram in the room shows you that these Clutches need to be re-attached to the central housing of the Generator Module. If you glide over to either of the Clutches, it’s clear that you need to use Kinesis to try and re-attach them. However, every time you try, the Clutches will bounce back violently. So what gives?

The trick is to hit each Clutch with Stasis before quickly using Kinesis to move them into placeIf you need to recharge your Stasis reserves, there’s a recharge station to the left of the entrance from the airlock (where you entered the area). It’s past the lift in that direction.

Once you’ve reattached each of the Clutches to the central Generator Module, you’ll receive a message that you can restart the Centrifuge. Go to the control panel in the southeast corner of the chamber, directly across from the door you used to enter the area. It’s near an oxygen refilling station on the same level as the entry door, just opposite it. 

With the Centrifuge operating again, the chamber will de-pressurize. Your oxygen will begin to deplete, and you’ll have to escape quickly. Take the lift near the control panel down, where you’ll see the Centrifuge’s arms rotating. Go left along the walkway, ducking into the cubbies as each arm passes; one hit means instant death, so be careful. Eventually, you’ll reach another lift. Take that up, then exit through the door you entered. 

And that’s how you solve the Centrifuge puzzle in Dead Space Remake. For more tips, including collectibles walkthroughs for various chapters, how to get the Peng Treasure, a full list of trophies and achievements, and more, head over to our Dead Space Remake guides page

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