Dead Space Remake: How to Complete “Scientific Methods”

One of the changes to the story in the Dead Space remake is fleshing out Nicole Brennan’s character. Through her notes and hologram recordings, you can now get a better look at her attempts to fight the necromorph invasion of the Ishimura as it began through the “Scientific Methods” side mission.

Here’s how to trace Nicole’s steps and see where her investigation led her.

Doctor’s Orders: The “Scientific Methods” Side Mission in Dead Space

With a lot of the side missions in Dead Space, the trick is coming across the trigger that starts them. Conversely, “Scientific Methods” really wants you to find the start of its chain, but finishing it can be difficult unless you’re particularly thorough about searching every nook and cranny on the Ishimura.

As with a lot of side missions in the Dead Space remake, “Scientific Methods” lets you unlock and explore a couple of rooms on the ship that would otherwise be inaccessible, and some of those rooms can contain valuable resources like Semiconductors. You also receive an upgrade for the Force Gun for completing the chain, so it’s worth pursuing this side mission even if you’re not at all interested in Dead Space‘s story.

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The intended way to begin “Scientific Methods” appears to be in Chapter 2 when you reach the Medical Deck. When Isaac enters Nicole’s office in the Medical Lab, he’ll try and ping her RIG, which sends him on a series of attempts to track down her current location.

The next step along the chain is to find Nicole’s secret office in the Diagnostics Room, which is the next step along the chain. One of the operating tables has a hologram of Nicole that will give you a mission objective of following her. (Note: if you do this before you visit Nicole’s office, you’ll end up jumping past the first step, which won’t affect your ability to complete the side mission.)

This requires you to activate the circuit breaker in the same room and turn on the seemingly-useless Shower. Doing so reveals a stretch of the wall that has a kinesis icon on it.

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You can move it aside to reveal a room that Nicole repurposed into a deprogramming suite. Listen to the audio log on the desk.

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Nicole’s next stop, and yours, is the Calibration Room on the Engineering Deck, which is first available in Chapter 3. Interact with the table in the center of the room to watch the hologram recording of Nicole, as she performs an autopsy on a particularly unlucky crew member.

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After this, “Scientific Methods” ends up on pause until you gain access to the Mining Deck in Chapter 7. When you reach the lowest level on the elevator, Maintenance, you’ll find most of it is overgrown by corruption.

Of the two accessible doors, one is bracketed by Guardians, so it’s tempting to turn around and go the other way. Instead, use the nearby stash of fuel tanks to take them out with minimal difficulty.

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The door they were protecting leads to Secure Storage, which is as overgrown as anywhere else on this floor. The circuit breaker at the end of the hall lets you open 3 of the 4 doors, but the one we’re after is Storage 2. (It’s also worth checking Storage 1 if you’re in decent shape. It’s full of Swarmers, but has a valuable Ruby Semiconductor inside.)

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Inside Storage 2, listen to both the audio logs. One is a sweet conversation between Nicole and Isaac, which is worth listening to if you’re looking for some story context, but the other is what we’re here to find.

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Once again, though, you’ll have to wait for a while before you can wrap this up. Your next stop is on the Crew Deck, which you unlock in Chapter 10. Once you finally get inside, you’re looking for the Guest Consultant’s Suites in the Deluxe Quarters.

Enter the Suites with Kyne’s code for a lengthy flashback that adds some more context to Isaac’s relationship with Nicole. Afterward, go into the Suites’ back room and interact with the console against the wall.

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Watch the ensuing holographic recording to its end. You’ll receive the Whole Again trophy/achievement as soon as it’s over, and can get the third weapon upgrade for the Force Gun off of Mercer’s desk.

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With that, you’ll have finished the “Scientific Methods” side mission and received the Force Gun upgrade. Be sure to check out our other Dead Space guides and walkthroughs.

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