Dead Space Remake: How to Get the Burnished Suit

The Dead Space remake has a lot of suits, some of which can get some from finding their schematics in-game and others can be bought from the store or come from the Deluxe Edition. But there’s one suit in the game that’s harder to earn than all the others. One suit to rule them all, if you will:  the Burnished Suit. But how do you get it?

How to Get the Burnished Suit in the Dead Space Remake

To get the Burnished Suit, you’ll have to beat the game on Impossible Mode, the hardest mode in the game. Impossible is accessible from the beginning so you won’t have to unlock it.

You’ll have to start a new game from scratch on Impossible, and clearing it is no easy task. You only get one save file in Impossible Mode, and it’s immediately downgraded to Hard mode if you die. You’ll have to beat the game on Impossible without dying to get the Burnished Suit.

If you manage to clear Impossible Mode, however, you’ll get access to the Burnished Suit as a result. You’ll also earn the Hand Canon, a foam finger gun that does truly ludicrous damage. Issac also says “Bang!” and “Pew!” when you fire it for added hilarity.

So that’s it. Just play on the hardest difficulty and don’t die once. Piece of cake. But if you need some extra help, check out our Dead Space Remake tips and tricks articles. We’ll get you through the USG Ishimura in one piece.

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