Dead Space Remake Weapon Tier List

You’ll have access to a number of weapons in Dead Space Remake that have been improved since the release of the original game. Some limb-cutters have indeed become better and can be improved even further with various purchasable upgrades. But which weapons are the best weapons? 

S-Tier Weapons

Plasma Cutter

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  • Max Damage: 200
  • Max Capacity: 23
  • Location: Chapter 1: New Arrivals — Workshop

Nothing’s changed since the original Dead Space, and the Plasma Cutter still remains the top choice among all the weapons in the game. It is just as precise and effective as it ever was for cutting off Necromorph limbs; switching between horizontal and vertical fire modes makes things fun and efficient. Using it throughout the entire game will also give you the One Gun trophy and achievement

To increase the Plasma Cutter’s damage output, purchase the Heat Accumulator upgrade from the shop in Chapter 3 for 11,000 credits. If you want to increase its capacity, then pick up the Cartridge Rack at the Ishimura Clinic.

Ripper XL

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  • Max Damage: 110
  • Max Capacity: 15
  • Location: Chapter 3: Course Correction — Machine Shop

The Ripper is very similar to the Plasma Cutter in that you can easily cut off Necromorph limbs using its sawblades. However, the Ripper can be used up close and at distance. Its primary fire mode launches a hovering saw blade in front of the weapon that causes continuous damage over time, which is a good option for enemies that may have overwhelmed you.

The alternative fire, though, can be potent. The Ripper can also shoot sawblades at distance, which have the ability to ricochet off surfaces and inflict additional damage to multiple enemies. You can increase the number of ricochets with either the Ricochet Tracer, purchased during Chapter 3 for 11,000 credits, or the Angled Launcher, found inside the Flow Control Room in Chapter 6.

A-Tier Weapons

Line Gun

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  • Max Damage: 300
  • Max Capacity: 11
  • Location: Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion — Emergency Equipment Storage

The Line Gun is indispensable when it comes to dealing with multiple monsters at once, especially if they are confined within a tight area. With its massive damage capability, you can cut off multiple limbs from multiple Necromorphs at a single time.

This weapon also allows you to set up traps that will trigger as soon as a Necromorph passes by. However, be careful to not step into one of them yourself. It is also worth installing either the Ionized Capacitor, purchased during Chapter 5 for 11,500 credits, or Photon Energizer, found inside Lab Storage in Chapter 10, both of which upgrade the damage of these traps.

Pulse Rifle

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  • Max Damage: 75
  • Max Capacity: 160
  • Location: Chapter 2: Intensive Care — Medical Bay

The Pulse Rifle is also great for tearing through multiple enemies at a time simply due to its high rate of fire. It’s also great for taking on Brutes, especially in the early chapters. Just like the Line Gun, it also has the ability to set up mines that function as explosive traps.

Although the Pulse Rifle has a large magazine, you still need to be as precise with your shots as possible, as it’s easy to quickly deplete the weapon’s magazine in a frenzied rush. To mitigate that, pick up the P.C.S.I. Custom Magazine from the Electrical Systems, which can be found inside Electric Systems storage room during Chapter 4. This collectibles guide shows you exactly where to find it

B-Tier Weapons

Contact Beam

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  • Max Damage: 1,000
  • Max Capacity: 25

The Contact Beam is a very powerful weapon that can easily take down even the strongest Necromorphs in a single shot (swap the Pulse Rifle out for this when taking on Brutes once you get it). But there are two reasons why it’s so low on our weapons tier list: its high reload time and high charge time.

This weapon burns through ammo fast. That makes it powerful, but it also m means you’ll be reloading and charging it constantly, lowering its overall shots per minute. Unfortunately, you cannot improve the charging rate, either. However, you can increase the ammo capacity with Portable Heliotron attachment, which can be found inside Bioprosthetics Locker Room in Chapter 10, lowering this weapon’s risk and somewhat increasing its reward.

Force Gun

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  • Max Damage: 170
  • Max Capacity: 12
  • Location: Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard — West Seedling Room A

The Force Gun has a decent primary fire mode, but one thing that makes this weapon attractive is its ability to create a gravity well that gathers all surrounding monsters into a single spot. The drawback is that this trick is also quite slow and requires a lot of energy. It’s more a strategic secondary weapon than a primary death dealer. 

You can make the gravity well deal damage with the help of the Subsonic Oscillator upgrade, which costs 12,000 credits in Chapter 6.

Flame Thrower

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Although the Flame Thrower may look cool when being used, smoldering everything in flames of fire, it is the weakest weapon in the game and requires you to use additional weaponry to actually kill Necromorphs. But if you’re looking for something to deal with Pregnants’ offspring or stagger enemies, this works well in a pinch.

You can increase its range of fire using the High-Pressure Nozzle attachment, found inside the crew quarters during Chapter 10, but don’t expect much from it in the long run.

Those are the best weapons in Dead Space Remake, and stay tuned for more Dead Space Remake tips and tricks articles.

Featured image via Electronic Arts.

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