Dead Space Remake: Where to Find All Marker Fragments

So, you’ve beaten the Dead Space Remake. You’ve started New Game Plus, and you’re looking for the secret, alternative ending. As you probably already know, you need to collect 12 Marker Fragments scattered around the USG Ishimura to get that secret ending. If you’re here, you’re wondering where to find them.

Marker Fragments are actually pretty easy to see because of the purple glow they emit, but they can hide in some hard-to-find places. We’ve found them all, and we’re willing to share our secrets.

All Dead Space Remake Marker Fragment Locations

Marker Fragment 1

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Market Fragment 1 is found in Chapter 1, in Hanger-Cargo-Tram Control. It’s on a shelf in the Maintenance Bay office. This is a hard one to miss.

Marker Fragment 2

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Marker Fragment 2 is located in Chapter 2, on Medical Floor 1 in Dr. T. Kyne’s office. It’s in a secret room behind the bookshelf in Kyne’s office.

Marker Fragment 3

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Marker Fragment 3 is found in the Engine Room, specifically on Floor 3 of Engineering, in Chapter 3. It’s hiding in a dark corner of the room, but the purple glow should make it pretty easy to see.

Marker Fragment 4

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Marker Fragment 4 is located in Chapter 4. It’s on the floor of the Break Room, near the scary-looking pentagram. On your map, you can find it on Floor 1 of the Bridge.

Marker Fragment 5

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The first of two Marker Fragments you’ll find in Chapter 5 is located in Cryogenics, which is on Floor 4 of Medical. It’s on top of the large freezing chamber in the center of the room.

Marker Fragment 6

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The second of Chapter 5’s Marker Fragments is also on Floor 4 of Medical. It’s on a desk in Dr. Mercer’s office.

Marker Fragment 7

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You’ll find this Marker Fragment in Chapter 6. It’s in the East Grow Chamber, which is on Floor 4 of Hydroponics. You’ll need to use Kinesis to pull this one to you, as it’s hidden inside a large patch of Necromorph corruption on one of the walls. It’s easiest to see if you’re floating in zero-g.

Marker Fragment 8

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This Marker is in Chapter 7, on a shelf in the Mineral Samples room, which is located on Floor 5 of the Mining section.

Marker Fragment 9

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This one’s in Chapter 8. You’ll find it on Floor 2 of the Communications Hub. Like Marker Fragment 7, you’ll find it in a hole covered by Necromorph goo.

Marker Fragment 10

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You’ll find the next Marker Fragment in Chapter 9. This one’s on a desk in the Deluxe Quarter Bunk Room, which is located on Floor 3 of the Crew Quarters. 

Marker Fragment 11

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Fragment 11 is also on Floor 3 of the Crew Quarters, but it’s in Chapter 10 instead of Chapter 9. This time, you’ll want to look behind the Inquiry Desks.

Marker Fragment 12

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The 12th and final Marker Fragment is located in Chapter 11. You’ll find it in the Cargo Bay, which is on Floor 1 of Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control. You’ll know you’re in the right room because it’s where the Red Marker is. The Fragment is located on a shelf in the lower right section of the room.

Now that you have all of the Marker Fragments, take them to Captain Mathius’s Quarters on Floor 3 of the Crew Quarters. Place them all on the table next to Mathius’ Marker statue, and you’ll hear a spooky sound. That means you’ve completed the quest. From there, finish the game as normal to unlock the secret ending. For more, head over to our Dead Space guides hub.

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