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Death Stranding – Director's Cut Teaser Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2021

Sam gets his Solid Snake on in a new teaser at Summer Game Fest for the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding.

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John Hart
11 months ago

Here we go again, Snake

Juan Ignacio Caso
11 months ago

director's cut? so the ending is now nine hours of unskippable exposition instead of just three?

11 months ago

Hideo misses Snake just as much as us.

Slippery Brisco
11 months ago

Wait where did all his packages go lol? He was fully strapped before he grabbed the box.

james Frank
11 months ago

"free for original owners right?"

Joshua Newman
11 months ago

"kept you waiting, huh?"

11 months ago

Well that was dumb

sticken to commentary
11 months ago

What the f*** was this death stranding is tryin to be metal gear now

Morad Ghazali
11 months ago

We want metal gear style kojima

Ed 865
11 months ago

The cowards' day every day.

Dario Ptičar
11 months ago

60fps…time to replay this all over again

11 months ago

Sam!? Are you alright? Sam? SAAAAAAAAAAM!!!

Obi Wan Kenobi
11 months ago

He's back boys, the legend is back

11 months ago

Expansion pack

11 months ago

Metal gear solid : Snyder's cut

11 months ago

This feels like Kojima making a final goodbye to MGS, ya know, Sam putting the box away and moving on, and how the box says "Handled" with care instead of Handle with care, a nice Kojima style goodbye to MGS

John Powell
11 months ago

Why does this feel like a hint to MGS remake?
Because the area looks very similar to the beginning of the MGS game and the box

Anti Riku
11 months ago

lol guy's such a troll

Joseph Autumn
11 months ago

Who puts oranges in a box!!!???

Rieval Nathanael
11 months ago

that was some high quality oranges

11 months ago

Thanks Kojima, now Norman Reedus confirmed a cat.

11 months ago


Uki Malefu
11 months ago

Metal Gear Stranding

Cristian Chelaru
11 months ago

coming soon on ps5 (next decade)

Suka Madik
11 months ago

This will be a free update for people that already bought the game on PS4 right?

that guy
11 months ago

Pretty much telling Konami to handle the MGS series with care ..

11 months ago

metal gear death stranding

11 months ago

Can we have a Director's Cut with Resident Evil 3 Remake? That gane was fun but short as f.

Nick Lopez
11 months ago

this part was not from the ps4 version of the game, so is this DLC content?

Marius MacSouza
11 months ago

It's worth the 60 dlls:)

Ghost 19
11 months ago

This is how you make an anticipating. dramatic, failed expectation~ love it!

11 months ago

Delivery man simulator

Осётр Пётр
11 months ago

Sometimes thinking outside the box doesn't help, this is why sometimes you need to think inside the box.

11 months ago

Wait. Regular death stranding wasn't the director's cut? this seems like the fan's expectation's cut.

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