Deathloop PvP will be ‘the ultimate test’ for players

In July, Bethesda released a nine-minute gameplay video showcasing one of Deathloop’s singleplayer missions, to hunt down and kill Aleksis “The Wolf” Dorsey.” During today’s online QuakeCon stream, game director Dinga Bakaba, narrative designer Bennett Smith, and campaign designer Dana Nightingale went deeper into the game’s multiplayer component, a killer-v-killer competition between Colt and Juliana that we haven’t really had a close look at yet. 

Deathloop’s singleplayer story follows Colt Vahn, who’s trying to escape a timeloop on the island of Blackreef, and Juliana Blake, a hard-ass killer who seems to really enjoy stopping him. But it also supports invasion-style multiplayer, as players can drop into games and take over as Juliana to really cause grief. Colt and Juliana are comparably capable, but they approach their problems very differently: Colt’s “Reprise” ability enables him to die twice before it’s game over, which means he can take more risks than Juliana, who will fare better by relying on subterfuge and situational awareness.

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