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Deceit Just Found A Surprising Sudden Resurgence

Thousands of players are returning.

Some games continue to do well years after its release. It might have a strong fan base that continues to keep the game engaging among each other. Likewise, some games continue to find support from the development team that will give players a reason to log in regularly. Surprisingly, however, one game that looked to be well on its way out of being supported by players is suddenly experiencing a resurgence. 

Deceit is a horror FPS game that was released back in 2017. It had a strong following back in the day and continues to be talked about fondly. But the developers, World Makers, opted to make a sequel that came out last year. Unfortunately, the sequel didn’t quite hit the strides for some players, but it seems players were not immediately jumping back to the original game. That was until recently, after PCGamesN took notice of the player stats. 

The publication noticed that numbers were dwindling after its heyday. Once it had over 17,000 active players, the Deceit game had since dwindled below 200 players, which was reported earlier this month. Now, the game has reached a milestone of getting over 2,000 active players, seemingly out of the blue. There’s no particular reason for the uptick, and much like the publication noted, speculation could be that more players are finding interest in returning to the original game after the lackluster sequel.

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Of course, the fact that this is also a free-to-play game might further entice players to try the game out. So whether it’s the case of newcomers finding this game for the first time or veteran players heading back, developers might be looking to make some necessary tweaks for the sequel to keep players on board. 

If you haven’t heard of Deceit before, this is a multiplayer horror FPS game. It’s similar to Among Us in that you’re getting a social deduction experience, but far more horrifying. Players will start with a group where among them are deceitful monsters. These hostile players will appear like normal individuals, and the group’s task is to solve a series of objectives. Meanwhile, the hostile enemies must eliminate the group without being discovered.

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As mentioned, the game is available for free on the PC platform, whereas the sequel will cost you $9.99 through Steam. But again, since more players are hopping back on the first game, you shouldn’t have trouble getting a full lobby. 

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