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Deep Rock Galactic Season 5 Digs Deeper in June

Ghost Ship Games has announced the Deep Rock Galactic Season 5 release date, and it’s just a few weeks away.

Per an announcement on Steam, Season 5, otherwise known as Digging Deeper, will arrive on June 13th across all platforms, bringing with it a new mission type and more.

Said release date was actually technically revealed on Tuesday in the form of a series of numbers hidden in a teaser image, but the aforementioned post has made the release date explicit, so you don’t have to guess at what those numbers might mean.

Can you spot the 06, 13, and 24 hidden in this image?

Back in late April, Ghost Ship revealed tons of information regarding exactly what’s coming to Deep Rock Galactic in Season 5.

A new mission type, Deep Scan, is coming, tasking you and your crew with locating Morkite Seeds deep within Hoxxes and extracting with them before you get overwhelmed.

You can also look forward to a mysterious new Season Event involving a “peculiar new mineral formation” known only as a Core Stone, although Ghost Ship is remaining relatively tight-lipped as to what these formations are.

New enemies and Overclocks will also be available as part of Deep Rock Galactic Season 5, so you’ll have plenty to look forward to when the season arrives. 

The player looking at a Core Stone in Deep Rock Galactic Season 5
This is a Core Stone. What does it do? You’ll have to wait to find out.

Remember, too, that you can now access the content from previous Deep Rock Galactic Seasons if you’ve missed out, so if you don’t feel like starting Season 5 straight away, you won’t have to.

Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op shooter in which groups of dwarves delve deep into the planet of Hoxxes to mine it for minerals, complete objectives, and defend themselves against the hordes of insectoid enemies that await them.

The game features procedurally-generated maps, tons of loot to collect, and destructible environments, and it’s also regularly being updated with new content.

You can check out Deep Rock Galactic right now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, and it’s also available on Game Pass. Ghost Ship says it’ll share more about Season 5 and what you can expect from it soon, so stay tuned.

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