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Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Update Brings New Boss Encounter and More

Funday and Ghost Ship Publishing have released a brand new Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor update, and it’s bringing lots of new stuff to enjoy, including a new boss, a revamped encounter, and more.

Some of what’s being introduced in today’s update was already teased as part of the game’s roadmap back in February, although naturally, details were fairly scarce until now.

First up in the “Hoxxes Fights Back” update is a new boss, the Dreadnought Twins. One will engage you in melee, while the other will hang back and fire deadly projectiles at you. They’ll also heal one another if one takes a lot more damage than the other.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor has a deadly new boss (or two deadly new bosses) for you to take on.

The old Dreadnought encounter, meanwhile, has gained some new abilities. The Dreadnought can now stomp to summon spikes that trap you unless you dig through them, and it can summon a swarm of Glyphids to swamp you as well.

Two major new enemies, the Q’ronar Shellback Elite and the Huuli Hoarder, have been introduced in this Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor update, with the Hoarder dropping a veritable treasure trove of loot if you manage to take it down.

You’ll also find a new Weapon Inspect screen that lets you examine a weapon in detail by pausing your run. Stats shown include damage, reload time, and special bonuses, among other things.

All of this is in addition to new weapon stats, lots of new Overclocks, and, of course, plenty of balance and gameplay improvements to make your Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor experience a touch smoother.

If you’re not familiar with it, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is a spinoff of the popular multiplayer shooter Deep Rock Galactic. Unlike its parent, this one’s a Vampire Survivors-style auto-shooter, albeit one with a distinctly Deep Rock Galactic flavor.

You can check the game out right now on PC via Steam, where it’s currently in Early Access. Make sure to check out our very own Robert’s preview of the game to see how this new genre experiment fares.

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