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Demigod Idle: Rise of a Legend to collab with webtoon The Era of Overman

  • Demigod Idle: The Rise of a legend is set to collab with webtoons series The Era of Overman
  • Set in a world of realistic superheroes, the manhwa is a little more obscure outside Korea
  • But the collab boasts new characters, action-packed events and more!

Demigod Idle: Rise of a Legend, is set to collaborate with popular webtoon mahwa series The Era of Overman. The event will feature four of the main cast from the series; “Im Kang,” Black Mirror “Nangi,” Blessing of the Sun “Saint Pearl,” and Spirit of the Forest “Shigehira”, alongside exclusive event currency, skins to collect and more!

The Era of Overman is one of the few manhwa series featured in a collab that we can profess to have very little knowledge of. And that’s because it seems to be fairly obscure outside its home country. But what we can ascertain is that it’s a more realistic, grounded take on superheroes. It isn’t the first time Demigod Idle has collaborated with a lesser-known manhwa outside Korea, and in many ways that makes it a more intriguing event than just doing the usual crossover with a well-established series.

Beware the superman

Still, even if you know nothing about The Era of Overman, it’s not hard to see the appeal in the super-flashy pixel-art renderings made for this event. And any opportunity to grab new characters, skins and more is hard to pass up.

You may be wondering why Korean manga series seem so popular. And what is a ‘webtoon’ anyway? Well, Webtoons is a site dedicated to, well, reading manhwa (Korean manga). Because of its ubiquity and popularity, there are dozens of series super-popular in Korea that haven’t yet made the jump outside it, and because Demigod Idle is mainly popular in the peninsula, you can probably guess why they do so many collabs with webtoon series.

Speaking of manhwa series making the jump to the gaming world, why not check out the new title Solo Leveling: Arise? Set to debut in just a few months this title has already gotten over 5 million pre-registrations!

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