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Demon Slayer Sweep the Board! Trailer Shows off the Anime Board Game

Sega has dropped a new Demon Slayer Sweep the Board! trailer for the upcoming video game based on the iconic anime series.

The trailer previews the colorful board game, which has players assume the role of their favorite Demon Slayer character. As said character, players go around the surprise-filled board and play minigames against one another. The video showcases some of the demons that appear at night and how players can battle them using the Joy-Con controller’s motion controls.

You can watch the Demon Slayer Sweep the Board! trailer on YouTube below (watch more trailers):

“The iconic landmarks from the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, such as Mount Fujikasane and Asakusa, will appear as boards,” reads the game’s description. “Roll the dice to advance through the squares! The board has a daytime and nighttime period. During the day, you will play events and mini-games to prepare for the night, where you will be searching for demons to defeat – aim to become a great Demon Slayer swordsman!”

When does Demon Slayer Sweep the Board! come out?

Demon Slayer Sweep the Board! is set to release on the Nintendo Switch on Friday, April 26. It is currently available for preorder on the game’s official website.

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