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Despite Microsoft owning the developers, We Happy Few will be leaving Xbox Game Pass

One of the first studios to be acquired by Microsoft as part of this most recent string of gaming acquisitions was Compulsion Games – developers of the much-hyped though ultimately somewhat disappointing We Happy Few. Despite Microsoft now owning the studio, and it being on the service for over 4 years, We Happy Few is set to finally be leaving Game Pass later this week.

Though not yet officially announced by Microsoft, opening the Xbox Game Pass app now informs subscribers that the indie survival rogue-lite We Happy Few is set to leave the app on the 15th of January – later this week.

Of course, games are added and dropped from Game Pass all the time, but what makes this one interesting is the fact that Compulsion Games is a first-party developer, being owned by Microsoft.

It is worth noting that Microsoft acquired the studio after it had already released We Happy Few with Gearbox serving as publisher. As such, it seems as though despite owning the studio, Microsoft does not have full rights to the We Happy Few license – or at least for the first game.

For many, Xbox Game Pass provides an excellent way to play a long line-up of titles for a relatively small price. This is fine, as long as you recognise that you do not own any of the games, and that they could disappear at any moment.

KitGuru says: What did you think of We Happy Few? Are you sad to see it going? What do you want to see Compulsion Games work on next? Let us know down below.

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