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Destiny 2 Echoes Breach Executable activity walkthrough

The first Echoes episode on Destiny 2 has introduced a new three-player activity. The rules are poorly explained, so if you don’t want to let your Fireteam down, here’s our walkthrough for the Destiny 2 Echoes Breach Executable activity.

Where to start the Arena: Breach Executable activity in Destiny 2

Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can access the Breach Executable mission from the HELM node in the Director (pictured above). The Activity Power Cap is 1945, which means you’re playing at the intended difficulty as long as your Light Level exceeds that value.

This activity is repeatable and has Matchmaking, so you’ll always be in a team of three. If you prefer to play solo, the Overflow tasks in the Pale Heart are the perfect activity.

How to beat the Arena: Breach Executable activity

Now you know how to start the activity, let me explain how to play, as it’s not straightforward. You must complete three tasks to complete the activity, and while the objective remains the same, the tasks will change.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Every task will have enemies or targets that drop Extracted Data Cubes, which are easy to see thanks to the white beam of light they emit. When you collect the cubes, a Data Collection bar on the left side of the screen will start to fill.

Destiny 2 Echoes Breach Executable activity walkthrough
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once the bar is full, a marker with an arrow (pictured above) will appear that shows you where to deposit your cubes. The final task always includes a boss battle, and you can grab a chest full of rewards after beating it.

How to install Analytic Sequencers in Arena: Breach Executable

Most tasks in the activity are pretty straightforward, and you can solve them by shooting everything. The Analytic Sequencer task is a little more involved as you have to capture points around the area to get Cubes.

Destiny 2 Echoes Breach Executable activity walkthrough
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The capture points periodically shoot Vex milk into the air, and you’ll die very quickly if you’re standing in the way. You’ll start to take a little damage shortly before the blast, which is your cue to stand aside. You can return when the coast is clear to get your cubes. I’ve been fortunate enough to have decent teammates every time I’ve completed this activity, so I don’t know if your performance determines the quality of loot at the end.

Regardless, now you know how to complete the event; you can lead by example and earn decent rewards, including red border weapons.

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