Destiny 2: How to Find the Skydock IV Lost Sector Location

The Skydock IV Lost Sector is part of the Legend/Master rotation during Destiny 2‘s Season of Plunder, but for players who haven’t taken the time to fully explore the European Dead Zone (EDZ) area, finding it can pose a problem.

The Lost Sector is in the Sunken Isles section of the level, but there’s no obvious way to get there; the main path was part of the now-sunset Red War story campaign. In this Destiny 2 guide, we’ll cover how you can find the location of Skydock IV and how to get to the Sunken Isles in the EDZ.

Skydock IV Lost Sector Location

Start your search for the Skydock IV Lost Sector in the Gulch section of the EDZ. If you haven’t yet unlocked that fast travel point, you can reach the Gulch by following either the path west to Firebase Hades and then north and east. You can also head north of the Sludge and then west.

Once you’re in the Gulch, make your way into the Tunnels. From the Gulch fast travel point atop the cliff, head down into the waterway and left to the large open area. On the north edge of the area is a circular opening in the cliffside. Go in.

You’ll only have one direction to follow in these tunnels, but whenever you reach an intersection, it will seem like there are more pathways. The first time you enter a room, there will be Cabal on your right, around a small facility.

Ignore them and continue through the tunnels, where you’ll eventually reach a huge room with Cabal roaming around. On the other side is another opening. Make your way to it.

You’ll pass a blocked doorway on your left on your way to the opening. Ignore it and continue through the tunnels. There won’t be any additional distractions, and if you keep going straight, you’ll reach the Sunken Isles.

The Skydock IV Lost Sector is in the facility beneath the huge ship native to the Isles. Head west from the tunnel exit and to another tunnel under the ship.

There will be a platform on the western side where a few Cabal patrol. Clear them or go past them to the opening at the back of the area, drop down, and follow the halls to another open door.

At the end of the hallway, you’ll officially reach Skydock IV. Be sure to complete it, so you can access the activity when it comes up in the Legend/Master rotation.

Higher difficulty Lost Sectors are key to getting new Exotic armor pieces every season in Destiny 2, so you’ll want to have all of them cleared once, Skydock IV included. We’ve covered tons of other Destiny 2 topics here, including how to get Gjallarhorn, the Taipan-4fr god roll, and how to complete the Vow of the Disciple Raid. Our guides hub for the game has much more.

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