Destiny 2: How to Get Treasure Coordinates in Season of Plunder

Season of Plunder brings the pirate life to Destiny 2, and with it, the hunt for treasure among the stars. Finding that fortune requires knowing where to look. Space is a big place, and your loot could be anywhere. 

Treasure Coordinates are one of the two currencies you’ll use this season to charge your Captain’s Atlas and determine your rewards for completing the Expedition mission, where you receive your treasure in earnest. This guide will review the best places to get the Coordinates in Destiny 2, Season of Plunder.

Where to Find Treasure Coordinates

You’ll need far more Treasure Coordinates than Map Fragments the other currency that charges the Captain’s Atlas  to unearth your loot. Thankfully, Coordinates are much easier to come by, available from almost every activity, though you’re limited to holding only 325 at a time.

As with almost every other season’s core currency, your primary source of Treasure Coordinates is the Strike, Gambit, and Crucible playlists. Strikes and Vanguard Ops give the most (surprising no one) at 45 Treasure Coordinates per completion. If you complete Nightfall Strikes, you’ll get increased rewards depending on the difficulty.

Gambit and Crucible games give slightly fewer rewards, at 40 per match completion. If you prefer either of those modes to grinding Vanguard Ops into the ground, by all means, take a PvPvE break.

Most other activities in Destiny 2 also award Coordinates, though in smaller values. The best of them are Heroic Public Events, which provide 35, and high-difficulty Lost Sectors, awarding 15.

The longer activities like Raids, Dungeons, and Throne World Weekly Missions or Perseverance give Coordinates, too, but the time investment vs. the reward received isn’t worth it once you’ve collected the Pinnacle/Powerful reward.

The best gameplay loop in Season of Plunder for Coordinates is to play a few Strikes, Ketchcrash for a few Map Fragments, and Extraction to collect your treasure. Repeat this process as many times as you can stand until more upgrades are available at the Star Chart at the H.E.L.M. For more content on Destiny 2, check out our guides hub, where we provided a full walkthrough of the Duality Dungeon and showcased god rolls for the Stormchaser and Calus Mini-Tool, among many others.

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