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Destiny 2 Lore – Final Shape Launch Trailer, my reaction & analysis (WILD SPOILERS)

Destiny 2’s Lore and Story from the Final Shape launch trailer is absolutely wild. It shows off a look at the power of the Witness unleashed upon the universe. We might lose the Last City and Earth to the Final Shape. Ikora and Zavala look in genuine peril & we might get a look at the mythical veiled figure from the statues all over the Witness’ pyramid ships. Is this the Gardener or Winnower? We’ll have to find out.
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1 month ago

I predict that the Avengers endgame style cutscene the start of the salvations edge raid is

1 month ago

I managed to avoid the trailer and stopped paying attention to anything new even your own videos before the expansion. I love your content and have had a great time catching back up with it all. Keep up the videos.

1 month ago

Post release: So close, Byf! Yet so far! LoL

1 month ago

As someone who’s played the Campaign, honestly byf did a good job with the predictions considering he didn’t make a proper one when it comes to the veil which (SPOILER ALERT, people from the percursors who are connected to the witness but were bound to the statues since they contained bad qualities like fear)

1 month ago

Although I have never played any of the Destiny games or content, I am aware of a few things:

The Witness is the Winnower, as it speaks on behalf of, and for, the Darkness and was what the precursors wanted.
And there has to be someone else who is the Gardener, who that is, I do not know.

1 month ago

Okay Byf I have a question for you and I really hope you see this. The part of the trailer where Zavala is looking up at what is presumed to be the witness, with all the veiled people behind him. In that moment IKora says to Zavala, Don't do this. Could that be an indication of the witness is trying to turn Zavala into a disciple? Assuming the theory stands that the witness persuades someone from the civilizations that the traveler touches to be a disciple. Like Rhulk, Savathun, Mara, etc. with as much pain, sorrow and heartache that Zavala has been through. The witness could be showing him that he can make it all go away if he joins sides with him. Any insight on that? I really hope you see this comment

1 month ago

14:36 Commander Shepherd arrived to save the day 😂

1 month ago

I think that the veiled figure is the consciousness inside of the traveler, and that it is in every pyramid ship because they were built as part of the civilization that the traveler helped to create.

1 month ago

Earth getting finalised, but not destroyed, would lead to some BONKERS Bungie sky-boxes!

1 month ago

‘It shows us what it thinks we want.’ Then we are reunited with cayde once we enter the traveller. I think we are being tricked

1 month ago

Been playing since d1 and ngl this trailer proper made me be like oh shit bungie is back babyyyy

1 month ago

Theory: I LOVE the idea that the clothed figure could be the precursor RS and HNW is still in the witness somewhere. In the trailer there are so many clothed figures that fall (I imagine that is the witness being born) and the one clothed figure that doesn't fall maybe RS who is the only surviving one that didn't become the witness?? Might make sense as to why the clothed figure statue is seen in the pyramid ships as HNW pays tribute to an old friend. Either way, thanks Byf for all the lore!!

1 month ago

Last time I saw a wounded guardian with their ghost out in a cutscene, did not end well for said ghost and guardian. agree it is most likely a vision or something else but still.

1 month ago

Wasn't going to bother with Final Shape. Then I saw the 10 freaking hour video. Now I can't wait. I blame Byf

1 month ago

7:29 "……whilst we're falling through the traveller"

Has it been confirmed (by any outside the game source) that the portal is actually on the traveller.

What little footage there has been showing the traveller and the portal from the side shows that it is * in front of * the traveller.

1 month ago

the finalization/cubing etc is probably from the upended.

1 month ago

I have a crazy theory, what if the witness is going to try to get us in his side then fail then he will go after Zavala and other guardians to be on his side.

1 month ago

You really don't have to give it up for Dead Orbit being correct.

1 month ago

The freaking goosebumps I get from this!!! Anyone know when the maintenance will be done ?

1 month ago

I also wanna point out something awesome about Cayde’s “Nobody makes my fate but me” quote being eerily similar to “Guardians make their own fate” from way back in the vault of glass… and dude that’s so fucking cool

1 month ago

For sure hoping ikora gets the Katt from halo treatment

1 month ago

9:06 is this what men from the UK sound like when they've, uh, arrived

1 month ago

3:49 looks like the cutscene showing the witness story with the pyramid ships on land with the traveler in the background

1 month ago

The song in the background “I had a dream, that I had everything I wanted.” Maybe that’s supposed to mean that Zavala saw a vision of something and is corrupted , just like uldren sov