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Destiny 2 Players Are Paying Homage to Lance Reddick by Standing Vigil in Front of Commander Zavala

Following the news of the passing of Lance Reddick, Destiny 2 players have decided to pay homage to the actor who played Commander Zavala, a character they have been interacting with since the original game. 

In many instances of the Tower in the game, players have started gathering to stand vigil in front of Commander Zavala as he keeps watch on the cityscape underneath despite the fact that the man who gave him his voice has left us. 

Some are saluting, some are lighting candles, others are playing emotes, and many are simply standing there and quietly mourning. While the instance of the Tower in Destiny 2 is fairly small, so it doesn’t let many players gather in the same spot, you can see this almost in every instance you happen to spawn in.

Below you can see a few videos and images shared on social media (courtesy of LLushicNicky RamirezDave TobinSanøva, and stel), but you can find many more all over the internet. 

The game’s developer Bungie also paid homage to Reddick on social media.

Besides Commander Zavala in the Destiny franchise, Lance Reddick played Sylens in Horizon Forbidden West, Martin Hatch in Quantum Break, Charon in Payday 2, and will appear as the hero in the upcoming Hellboy Web of Wyrd. 

Hellboy Web of Wyrd‘s developers also paid homage to the actor on Twitter, stating that he “was a brilliant performer, generous with his time and attention” and they remain honored to have him as their Hellboy.”

Reddick’s roles outside of video games included Cedric Daniels in The Wire, Charon in the John Wick series, and many more.

TechRaptor wishes to express its condolences to Lance Reddick’s family, friends, and colleagues, and to all the fans who loved him. 

Image source: LLushic

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