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Destiny 2: SURPRISE PATCH CHANGES & EVERVERSE LOOT! Daily BUFF, New TRAILER, Vendors, More (7th May)

Destiny 2: NEW Quest Loot, Archie Quest, Pantheon Divine Weaponry Quest, Patch Changes Today, Vendor Update,Free Bright Dust, Eververse Loot, Season Reset & More! (7th May Weekly Reset & Eververse Today – Into The Light)

Full Patch Notes

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*Outro : Lensko – Circles (Provided by Copyrights)
*Ooyy – Gelatin Nature (Intro) (Epidemic Sounds)
*Misiatko – Alegoria
*Ocean Jams – Spaced (Epidemic Sounds)
*Veorra – Home
*Dyalla – Beachside
*Kronicle – Wake Up
*Crying Over You – Chris Morro
*Frame Beatz – Free Trap Beat
*Music Beach – MBB
*Rock Angel – Joakim


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1 month ago

Daily Deepsights, Decent thornament, Archie, Pantheon, Trailers, Free Expansions?.. Someone slipped something into Bungie's Coffee!

1 month ago

Still getting returned 2 the wrong ADU location in onslaught, so NOT FIXXED

1 month ago

Houndish, can you make a video on how to unlock Defiant Battlegrounds and the other season activities for people returning to the game. I’ve gotten 3 of the four unlocked but can’t figure out how to get Defiant Battlegrounds. I can’t be the only one that returned to the game and needs help finding these activities.

1 month ago

Can anyone tell me what is the wave frame grenade launcher dropping from NF this week?

1 month ago

Anyone know the legend onslaught final boss this week??

1 month ago

Did anyone get this seasons battle pass for free ??

1 month ago

they should keep checkmate for comp man

1 month ago

Can one still get weapons from season of the seraph ??

1 month ago

WHERE IS MY SPECIAL AMMO?!??? Give it back!!

1 month ago

New pvp maps are garbage it basically same as trials

1 month ago

Me: Alright, I've got a bounty to do matches on all three of the maps, let's go!
Game: Best I can do is Cirrus Plaza again

1 month ago

odd I had vanguard dare for my universal ornament not star crossed

1 month ago


1 month ago

U didn't they have iron banner this week with the new maps?

1 month ago

I’m not going to criticise Pantheon but I do think that the first stages should be randomised and then have the last one be preset

1 month ago

Another bow nightfall

1 month ago

fu*k pvp

1 month ago

midtown is just GONE

1 month ago

Dod you guys get all the past seasons for free as well?

1 month ago

Anyone know why midtown isn't in the onslaught tab

1 month ago

Still waiting on that last word catalyst

1 month ago

If D3 has some sort of Tower Radio with someone giving updates or some role like that, i NEED houndish for the role.

1 month ago

The new PVP maps are so awful. The last 5 maps they have made have been the 5 worst maps they have ever made. At this point, I wish they'd just let a different studio do it.

1 month ago

Big W for f2p players, having unlocked the season pass and seasonal activities in the h.e.l.m

1 month ago

That trailer was sick

1 month ago

What's a seasonal quest?

1 month ago

Apparently Bungie gave everyone limited free access to every expansion except lightfall (PlayStation people get bonus lightfall access though) and all seasonal content this year
I do not have the time busy with school
Also no limited free witch queen and lightfall dungeon access boo

1 month ago

If you haven’t heard bungie gave the season pass and all dlc except light fall to everyone that didn’t have them

1 month ago

You know destiny 3 is in the works, it seems like they're prepping it for that. Edit: they have been on fore recently, i have been enjoying all the new additions.

1 month ago

Bungie doing right by the players the passed month or two… it's very refreshing! I'm actually very hopeful that the Final Shape is going to be solid.

1 month ago

so i just completed pantheon on oryx mode and after completing i got the season pass/battle pass for free. was that due to the update going thru or was that associated with pantheon?

1 month ago

Still no fix to the Whisper mission? Do better Bungie…

1 month ago

Bungie broke midtown onslaught maybe just so people will play the other maps. Tell me why they say it’s going to take 7 days to fix midtown. How do u break something that wasn’t broken

1 month ago

Did that titan air dodge?

1 month ago

Is it just me but bungie gave me this season pass for free

1 month ago

Okay, so i think i just experienced a bug…when i bought that thornament for bright dust, it also unlocked this seasons battle pass. Is that happening to anyone else, or is there something else going on that i just dont know about?

1 month ago

They still haven't fixed the Final Shape $100 emote. It flickers and clearly isn't supposed to

1 month ago

D2 Pvp trailers are funny. Literally no one plays pvp that way

1 month ago

I logged on today on like an hour ago and realised for some reason i had the season pass can anyone tell me what happened?

1 month ago

Im watching u since D1 keep up the Great work you deserve 1 mio + subscriber

1 month ago

Fab new pvp maps…but bad it's just 3v3 😢 and bad match making 😢

1 month ago

That's bad when the ramen projection, and entrance affects are the only interesting thing from the weekly store.

1 month ago

Can they please fucking lower the prices for these things?

1 month ago

« Surprise update » for all the surprise bug ?

1 month ago

Thanks for the news houndish,you're my favorite British person

1 month ago


1 month ago

i just bought silver 2 days ago to get the thorn ornament wow

1 month ago

Noh bodyh carezhhhhhh