Destiny 2: Without Remorse Shotgun God Roll Guide

The Without Remorse shotgun is a powerhouse among Solar Special Weapons and one of the best and most sought-after weapons from Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted, next to the Calus Mini-Tool and Stormchaser.

It offers excellent stopping power, Range, and perk selections for both PvE and PvP, though you’re likely to get more work out of it fighting the enemies of humanity than other Guardians. Regardless, the rolls listed in this guide will be your go-to choices when farming for or crafting this weapon.

Without Remorse Shotgun PvE God Roll

The Without Remorse Shotgun is a monster in the hands of a Solar 3.0 build. Even for other elements, having an excellent Solar shotgun makes encounters against Solar shielded enemies much more comfortable.

Barrel: Smoothbore, Smallbore

The Without Remorse Shotgun’s one weakness is its barrel options. None of them are ideal on a shotgun, but a few of them are at least usable.

Smoothbore is probably your best bet, with its significant buff to the weapon’s Range at the cost of pellet spread. More spread means less in PvE, where accuracy is much less critical. Smallbore is a workable alternative with its more modest bonuses to Range and Stability.

Magazine: Assault Mag, Tactical Mag

Assault Mag is always a fantastic choice for a shotgun, increasing its fire rate and stability. More damage in a shorter time on a gun that’s easier to control: win/win.

Tactical Mag is an excellent second choice, adding a single round to the magazine before you run dry and giving a nice buff to both the weapon’s Stability and Reload Speed.

PvE Trait 1: Threat Detector, Well-Rounded

Threat Detector hasn’t been a meta choice for years now, but because of how often you’ll be surrounded by enemies using a shotgun and Solar 3.0, it’s one of the best options for the Without Remorse.

If you can keep two or more enemies nearby, expect huge boosts to Stability, Reload Speed, and Handling. Well-Rounded is best used when you have plenty of abilities to spare and provides almost as much Stability and Handling as Threat Detector while also providing some extra Range.

PvE Trait 2: Incandescent, One-Two Punch

Incandescent will never be a bad choice for Solar 3.0, and with the number of explosions you’ll be causing using Without Remorse, expect many Ignitions from the Scorch you’ll spread around.

For a more melee-focused build, One-Two Punch can ensure you deal massive damage with your next melee, so long as you land a good hit with the shotgun first.

Without Remorse Shotgun PvP God Roll

There are tons of great choices among shotguns for Destiny 2 PvP, and Without Remorse is one more to add to that pile, provided you have the right perks.

Barrel: Rifled Barrel, Barrel Shroud

While you take a huge hit to Handling with Rifled Barrel, the additional Range is hard to beat and invites a shotgun-first, ask questions later playstyle.

Barrel Shroud doesn’t do anything for the weapon’s Range, providing good buffs to both Handling and Stability, essential to fast-paced shotgun gameplay.

Magazine: Accurized Rounds, Assault Mag

Range is almost always the most important stat to boost on a shotgun, and Accurized Rounds has no equal in that regard. Assault Mag’s increased fire rate and Stability buffs make for a great second option.

PvP Trait 1: Hipfire Grip, Threat Detector

You’re not liable to be aiming down a shotgun’s sights too often, so Hipfire Grip’s buffs to about every possible accuracy stat when hip firing can’t be overestimated. Threat Detector is also a good option as it keeps your weapon readied even in chaotic situations.

PvP Trait 2: Elemental Capacitor, Fragile Focus

Elemental Capacitor is often overlooked for more damage-centric or flashier perks. However, it has a use no matter which subclass you’re running. Reload Speed for Solar, Handling for Arc, Stability for Void, and Recoil control for Stasis — there are no wrong choices here.

Fragile Focus is great if you can catch an opponent by surprise, as the huge passive Range bonus when undamaged is quite nice.

Whatever you put on your Without Remorse shotgun, it’s bound to be a barnburner. The gun has a little bit of everything and is enjoyable to use in any scenario. We’ve covered other god rolls here, including the Austringer, Eyasluna, Cataclysmic, and Taipan-4fr. Check out our Destiny 2 guides hub for more.

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