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Destiny lore enthusiasts invited to weigh in on forthcoming books

Even though Volume V of the Destiny Grimoire Anthology series won’t be available until March 14, the Bungie Store team is already thinking about what aspects of the space game‘s lore to cover next. In a recent tweet, the team invited the most dedicated Destiny lore enthusiasts to weigh in on what they want to see in a future instalment of the book series.

“Calling all Destiny 2 Chroniclers!” Bungie Store’s tweet from October 14 reads. “What lore would you like to see featured in a future volume of the Destiny 2 Grimoire Anthology? We’d love to hear from you!”

Destiny 2 lore enthusiasts immediately responded to the call. Some common responses included pleas for more information about mad scientist Clovis Bray, the history of the Tower, and the story of the Nine.

However, some responses referred to esoteric but interesting lore aspects that could be worthy of deeper exploration. For example, one person suggested a finale to the story of Taox, the only survivor of a Hive onslaught who was sought by Xivu Arath, Savathûn, and Oryx, whose fate is unknown.

Destiny’s lore books are a definitive source of lore information. Previous instalments of the Destiny Grimoire Anthology have covered the dark moments in the Destiny universe, humanity’s collapse, artificial sentience, and the monarchs of the Destiny universe. Since the first one was released in 2018, Destiny 2 lore buffs now look forward to annual instalments.

The company takes great pains to ensure all lore materials are accurate, though some mistakes have arisen in the past. However, the company employs a ‘Destiny historian’ to help catalogue and keep track of the game’s thousands of components, ranging from the collapse of humanity on Earth through complex storylines involving The Nine, The Witness, and much more.

As the next instalment in the book series will release in the weeks after the launch of the game’s Lightfall expansion, it’s likely to contain at least some tie-in with the game’s content. Bungie’s Lightfall reveal introduced players to the new Shadow Cabal, so the book could provide some additional insight into how that group spun off into a separate faction.

The forthcoming book is titled Destiny Grimoire Anthology, Volume V: Legions Adrift.

“Destiny Grimoire Anthology, Volume V: Legions Adrift is a curated look at the history of one of humanity’s greatest enemies, and now perhaps, potential allies: the Cabal. These stories follow an ancient empire through a time of great change – from the hedonism of Emperor Calus to the ambition of Dominus Ghaul to the vision of Empress Caiatl,” the description reads. “What does it mean to be Cabal – to eat the mountains and drink the seas? And with their homeworld lost, what will the Cabal become?”

Leading up to the launch of Lightfall and the forthcoming book release, players may want a refresher on stories from the original Destiny, such as the story of Oryx. The game’s recent raid is a remake of the original one from Destiny, and our King’s Fall raid guide has everything you need to complete it. You can also check out our guides covering the best Warlock builds in Arc 3.0, the best Hunter builds, and the best Titan builds to develop a solid character to help move you through the raid.

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