Deus Ex protagonist Adam Jensen’s signature voice actor also wanted to do his motion capture, but was rejected for being too short: ‘apparently, it was a lot of work to stretch me a couple inches’

Don’t let insecure boys on the internet or mean people on dating apps tell you different: it’s not that big of a gap between 5’11” and 6’1″. However, actor Elias Toufexis recently revealed that it may as well have been a yawning chasm during the making 2011’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution. 

Though Toufexis was eager to do both voice and motion capture work for Jensen,  the 6’1″ character’s 5’11” voice actor was passed over for a different performer when doing Jensen’s mocap. Over email, Toufexis told me how the split performance came to be, and why he thinks it hurt Human Revolution’s presentation.

(Image credit: Elias Toufexis via Twitter)

“On Human Revolution, it was two separate departments. The voiceover team and the cinematic team (using motion capture),” Toufexis explained, noting that he felt the cinematics side had already picked their man. He felt he was extended the audition opportunity as a courtesy.

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