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Deviator – Official Gameplay Trailer

Watch the new Deviator gameplay trailer for the upcoming 2D hand-drawn Metroidvania game from Gami Studio. Search for the truth in this chaotic world, discover strange creatures, and explore mysterious cities and unknown wilderness. Use your deflect ability to build momentum as you take on a variety of enemies along the way. Check out this extended Deviator gameplay for a good look at what to expect.

Deviator will be released in 2024, with a limited-time demo release planned for February. It will also feature in Steam Next Fest, which runs from February 5-12.

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18 days ago

Let me guess, Chinese game ?

18 days ago

-Can we have silksong?
-We got silksong at home
Silksong at home:

18 days ago

it's close enough… We can stop waiting for silksong now

18 days ago

This cannot be real? How are you not going to be sued for this, same locations and everything? Really?

18 days ago

New skin just dropped

18 days ago

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18 days ago

The Chinese are some of the few that have undying respect for copyright laws

18 days ago

Esto servirá mientras espero por silksong

18 days ago

Tremenda copia de hollow knight 😂 ya lo compro 😊

18 days ago

Muito bom esse jogo de hollow knight

18 days ago

Bro that's just Hollow knight with a different name XD

18 days ago

This game should have no right to be this bad

18 days ago

Bro hollow knight 3 looks awesome

18 days ago

Can't wait for the lawsuit popcorn

18 days ago

They didn't even try to hide it

18 days ago

If you want to see the damage animation for comparison with Hollow Knight: 4:15

It's kind of underwhelming, but deep within your mind, you can feel the little ghost taking damage, don't you?

18 days ago

There's some game mechanics that don't exist in Hollow Knight which you usually find in a more fight-oriented game (such as parry and counter). That being said, watching this makes me genuinely sad. It's lacking that little something that made the real game an enjoyable experience/discovery; at least in my opinion.

18 days ago

bro wants to be hollowknight so bad

18 days ago

La copia de hollow knight

18 days ago

Cant blame the devs.. id make my own game after waiting so long for silksong and no update from team cherry..😅

18 days ago


18 days ago

I'll plsy it just to make the crybabies in the comment section mad but man it looks mid, well it is bettrt than hollow knight at least and looks a little less dreadful

18 days ago

im gonna purchase , just for playing another indie metroidvania

18 days ago

Nothing is completely original, everything is a remix of older things. That said, there is a difference between a lazy ripoff and inspiration. This almost looks traced from Hollow Knight.

18 days ago

Nosilksongosis got worse like damn, they made a game to cope

18 days ago

We have Hollow knight At home

18 days ago

Why is IGN promoting this? It’s a Chinese developer clearly ripping code from Hollowknight

18 days ago

Pal Knight

18 days ago

What an embarrassment that IGN advertises stolen content. Hopefully they get rolled into the impending lawsuit. If you sell counterfeit goods you can still be punished bud

18 days ago

Wow, Chinese studio literally ripped Hollowknight off right down to their assets. They don’t even try to hide it. IGN should not be promoting this blatant ripoff.

18 days ago

It would be funnier if they just released Hollow Knight completely unchanged except the PC is wearing one of those comedy "big glasses with a giant fake nose and mustache" disguises.

18 days ago

This is absolutely embarrassing.

18 days ago

Silksong moment

18 days ago

Hollpw Knight at home:

18 days ago

Delete this

18 days ago

They really just made Hollow Knight with BOTW lore and Ratatan character design

18 days ago

Don’t release this trust me

18 days ago

Oh dear

18 days ago

Finally, Empty Soldier

18 days ago

How is this even allowed??