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Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat expands its roster with the powerful hero Des

Big news for Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat fans as Capcom and NebulaJoy have just released a new update for the mobile game. A brand new hunter joins the fray in the form of Destined Executioner – Dante. Wielding a massive weapon, Dante brings a powerful aesthetic of violence to the game.

Dante, the Destined Executioner, fights with a large axe in DMC: Peak of Combat, delivering rapid multi-hit attacks to enemies with his basic attacks. His special abilities include lowering the enemy’s ice resistance, boosting the team’s total damage by increasing allies’ ice damage, and enhancing the ice allies’ damage reduction and anti-interruption capabilities.

In addition, Dante’s style skill involves spinning and constantly releasing whirlwind slashes onto enemies, significantly damaging them. His ultimate skill takes things even further as he jumps into the air and rains his axe downwards onto the opponent, creating a massive explosive effect, damaging everything in the surroundings.

These attributes make Dante a pretty handy support character for ice and physical teams. His ability to reduce ice resistance and boost teammates’ ice damage is the cherry on top. He’s a great catch for just about any unit in the game.

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You could think of pairing him up with other similar characters like Eternal Nightmare and Frosty Grace to create an icy cool squad that is guaranteed to freeze everyone in their way. Dante will help with offering higher damage reduction, anti-interruption, and shield breaking speed.

Destined Executioner – Dante is a pretty powerful character, and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to add him to your roster. Download Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat now by clicking on your preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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