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Stefan Constantin Dumitrache

Hold up, Melissa is Cascina Caradona, the face model for Dina in TLoU 2 <3

David C
1 year ago

I've waited forever for Homeworld 3 and that's how they announce it? Fake commercials?

1 year ago

Gearbox was fine… you guys are way to dramatic for me… just enjoy don’t take it so seriously

1 year ago

From such a high to such a low. Thanks for being there for guys. DD was everything Randy wasn’t.

1 year ago

Devolver Digital showcases are always hilarious, but man, the moment Randy shows up, the show becomes a situation where we weather watching Randy pissing off everybody he interacts with.

Austin B
1 year ago

Man Devolver killed it and then Gearbox shat the bed

1 year ago

Bro wtf is that Borderlands film?

Rusty Shakkleford
1 year ago

I'm not into Devolver Digital games, just here for the lore

1 year ago

no Sam, it's not because you were up since 8. Gearbox was truly horrendous. As was Ubi, I thought

Hafa Ball
1 year ago

"Is that a real game?"
I actually thought Loop Hero was a fake game, thats the brilliance of DD, you never know whats real or not

1 year ago

I felt bad for Gearbox they definitely did try to have a unique presentation but it was all over the place like a last minute show…. they didnt need to do anything to be honest. Borderlands game would sell like gangbusters regardless.
Where as Devolver Digital offers a unique and self-deprecating adult show based on current marketing tactics employed by the video game industry. Its good commentary but also wildly funny.

Tyler Wood
1 year ago

Gearbox was so bad, I almost blamed you and didn't like the video.

Almost. Thanks for streaming, mates.

1 year ago

"he does looks a bit like jax from league of legends" ~ the time in which people don't remember ff9 Vivi has finally come

1 year ago

From the awesome Devolver madness…. to that fucking Bitchford clown… I mean… that's a STRONG tonal shift ;D

Philip Stephens
1 year ago

Overly tired mind at the start. Is Thiccboi trying to stretch and get a sneaky arm around his bro? Fortunately nope, just stretching.

Hulkules 187
1 year ago

Wanda Sykes??? Her career was over when trump won the election then she gave the bird to her crowd and walked off stage.

Hulkules 187
1 year ago

Kevin hart as Roland?????? He should be that midget gunzerker from part 2 that more his size.

Suspicious Raven
1 year ago

valheim in different artstyle wow talk about being original

The Traveller
1 year ago

14 ads on this ?

Blazer Ray
1 year ago

Guess what… one a few games from devolver has my attention. For Gearbox, nothing, I don't want to give cash to the Magician 'Money in my pocket'.

Philip B
1 year ago


Jamie Froud
1 year ago

Glad I didn’t watch this live…had to skip all that Devolver sketch, acting nonsense. Some of their stuff looks interesting, but talk about cringe.

Sandpaper Seat
1 year ago

I still want to know who wanted a borderlands movie ? I laughed at the silhouette it looks like cosplayers fan film

1 year ago

I forwarded to half way through shadow warriors and could tell straight away it was 3. Crazy fps with asian style beats.

Adam Finlay
1 year ago

Devolver win everything purely because they are just straight in with the gameplay

1 year ago

Jesus that was a terrible show

Panama Hank
1 year ago

This is the best developer stream I’ve ever seen! Serious props to these dudes, killed it

1 year ago

This live stream shows the difference between being funny (Devolver) and trying to be funny (Gearbox).

Huan Ngo
1 year ago

The best part of today E3.

1 year ago

Man, Devolver Digital are like the SNL of video games ?

Ian Apostal
1 year ago

Love laymen. Hate everything i saw.

1 year ago

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