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Diablo 4’s Season 4 preview test is now live

If you are wanting to get an early look at Diablo 4’s upcoming fourth season and all of its massive changes, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the game’s PTR is now officially live. You can install an extra 50GB game files (100GB with High Res textures) to gain access to the Public Test Realm through 

The PTR is only available to owners of the version of the game. A solution for Steam players may arrive at some point in the future, but not in time for this current play test. The PTR will be live until the 9th of April, giving players a chance to test out the incoming crafting and loot system overhauls first-hand.

Blizzard will be gathering feedback from this week of testing, before embarking on the final stretch of polishing before this new season goes live. Season 4 is launching later than initially planned, with it now set to launch on the 14th of May. The non PTR version of the game will remain on Season 3 until that date.

With Season 4, loot drops will focus more on quality over quantity, and many of the items are being reworked. The developers have also spent some time weeding out useless affixes that nobody likes, designing a smaller pool of more impactful and player-relevant affixes for loot drops to pull from. This will make the process of sorting through gear a simpler process and finding more impactful gear upgrades should be less of a chore. Moving forward, affixes unlocked through the Codex of Power will also update with the most powerful version you have found on a character.

Loot that is not relevant for your player level will now automatically dismantle upon spawning, giving you a boost to gold and materials. In World Tier 3, players will only pick up Sacred-tier items. Those moving up to World Tier 4 will now only see Ancestral items dropping and any monsters above level 95 will only drop items with item power 925 or higher.

The goal with these changes is to streamline with upgrade process, create more ways for players to amass power and reduce a lot of the ‘clutter’ currently involved in the levelling process. We’ll get our first look at how successful these changes are this week, now that PTR access has gone live.

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