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Diceapalooza Kickstarter Raises 16 Times Its Funding Goal In A Few Hours

Wyrmwood Gaming has launched a new Kickstarter. The tabletop company has made a reputation for crafting bespoke artisanal board game accessories. They even broke a Guinness World Record in the hobby. Their Diceapalooza Kickstarter campaign continues that trend with high-quality dice.

The Diceapalooza Kickstarter

According to its campaign page, the Diceapalooza Kickstarter is a crowdfunding campaign dedicated to producing signature dice and dice accessories.

The selection of dice is robust. There are resin dice with names like Ancient Bronze, Chill Out, Rainbow Road, Oops, All Pink. and Fire Glass. For those that appreciate more heft, there are gemstone dice ranging from Cats Eye to Amethyst to Black Obsidian.

Dice goblins, the time is now.

The biggest draw in the Diceapalooza Kickstarter may be a set of metal dice crafted by Ember Forge. This heirloom-quality seven-dice set is made of recycled bronze, perfectly balanced in mass and weight, and chimes when rolled. There are even more luxurious options for metal dice, including gold.

As for their wooden dice accessories, the options are also suitably crafted. These include magnetic and collapsible dice towers, leather-lined personal trays, and foam-lined display vaults with swappable components. You even have your choice of wood from Eastern Elm to Cherry to Black Poisonwood.

Depending on your choice of materials, the prices of the products in the Diceapalooza Kickstarter can vary wildly. For example, an Eastern Elm dice tray is sold at $35 compared to a Black Poisonwood dice tray at $60. This is all excluding shipping fees.

The different pledge tiers for the Diceapalooza Kickstarter are as follows:

  • General Admission for $5: Get an exclusive ticket pin
  • Floor Seats for $50: Your choice of any resin dice set and an exclusive pin
  • Front Row for $85: Your choice of any gemstone dice set and exclusive pin
  • VIP for $100: A prismatic glass dice set and exclusive pin
  • Platinum VIP for $250: A set of metal Ember Forge dice and exclusive pin

If you back any of these tiers you can add other items shown in the campaign to your pledge after the campaign has concluded. The only exception to this rule is the Ember Forge dice set, which requires a Platinum VIP pledge.

At time of writing, the Diceapalooza Kickstarter campaign has raised $161,204, more than sixteen times its initial funding goal of $10,000. The campaign concludes July 11.

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