Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Forgotten Combination Walkthrough

Scrouge McDuck’s quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley mostly revolve around the tycoon of industry building a successful business venture and swimming in the profit. Of course, he needs a place to keep all of that coin, which happens to be a huge vault in the back of his shop — which he can’t remember the combination to because of all the Forgetting. 

After completing his Friendship Quest called “Customers Know Best,” in which you buy something blue for Merlin, Scrooge will give you the quest called “A Forgotten Combination.” This tasks you with finding the missing six-number combination to his vault.

This quick Disney Dreamlight Valley walkthrough guide will tell you how to find all six numbers in the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow. Scrooge gives you hints at the start of A Forgotten Combination, and though we’ll give you the answers to those hints below, you’ll still need to interact with characters and locations to mark them as complete for the quest. You can’t use the combination beforehand.

How to Complete A Forgotten Combination

Hint 1: Ask Goofy about his favorite day.

The first task is finding Goofy and asking him about his favorite day. Use the map to pinpoint his current location, which is likely somewhere in the Peaceful Meadow, though he does venture into the Plaza and Remy’s Cafe if you’ve opened it. Talk to him and select the option to ask him about his favorite day. It’s May 25th.

Hint 2: Take a bit o’fresh air in the Meadow and count the ponds.

Walk around the Peaceful Meadow to find three ponds:

  • One near Goofy’s House.
  • Two near Goofy’s Stall.

Hint 3: How many telescopes does one wizard need to study the stars?

Go inside Merlin’s house on the western edge of the Peaceful Meadow. There will be one telescope on the left side when you enter. 

A Forgotten Combination Safe Code

Now you know the safe combination: 250531.

Return to Scrooge McDuck at his shop, speak with him, and he’ll ask you the answer to each of the hints. Choose:

  • May 25th.
  • Three.
  • Just 1 is enough.

Quest Rewards

  • 310 Friendship Points.
  • 500 Star Coins.

That’s everything you need to know about completing Scrooge McDuck’s Friendship Quest, A Forgotten Combination. Cracking the safe code nets you a cool 500 Star Coins, and depending on how friendly you already are with Scrooge, a few other rewards, too. For more, head over to our Dreamlight Valley guides hub right here.

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