Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Dream Shards

Like with any life-sim, Disney Dreamlight Valley has plenty of grinding in store to collect resources and items. One of the more elusive items since the game’s release has been Dream Shards, which aren’t just valuable but are also required for a few different quests.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley.  

Where to Find Dream Shards

Dream Shards are glowing pink crystals that will pop up from time to time, and there are currently three different ways of getting them. Keep in mind they are simply an item in your inventory once you collect them, so be careful not to sell them off.

Clear Night Thorns

The first and easiest way of getting Dream Shards is simply by clearing Night Thorns, the purple vines that infest the various biomes of Dreamlight Valley. Each time you remove a thorn there’s a small chance it’ll drop a Dream Shard, but eventually, that option will run dry.

When you first begin the game, the main areas will be infested with these vines, so you’ll naturally get Dream Shards as you clear them out. Once you’ve removed them, they will slowly respawn. The same can be said for each new biome you open up, such as Dazzle Beach and the Sunlit Plateau. Clear out all of the Night Thorns for easy items. 

Feed Animals Their Favorite Food

All of the little critters that run around Dreamlight Valley, like Squirrels and Sea Turtles, can be fed, and each one has a specific type of food it likes.

You can only feed an animal once a day but every time you feed one its favorite food, there’s a chance it’ll drop a Dream Shard. We have a guide going over each animal’s favorite food

Dig Up Sparkling Ground

The third and final way of getting Dream Shards is by digging up sparkling sections of ground scattered throughout the world. This method of getting Dream Shards has been added post-launch.

Each day these sparkling spots will spawn across Dreamlight Valley, and as with the two other methods, there’s a chance (not a guarantee) you’ll get a Dream Shard each time you dig one up.

How to Use Dream Shards

Dream Shards are required for certain quests, including “The Curse,” so it’s not a bad idea to store some away in one of your chests. That being said, they can be used in crafting to make two other useful items.

  • Ten Dream Shards can be crafted into 250 Dreamlight, which is used to open up new biomes and areas.
  • Five Night Shards and two Dream Shards make a Purified Night Shard, which can be gifted to a friend for a sizable boost in friendship.

Night Shards are more common than Dream Shards and can be found by removing thorns and digging. You should be able to find at least a few Dream Shards every day, so don’t be afraid to use them for crafting if you need a little boost to Dreamlight or Friendship. 

Now that you now how to get plenty of Dream Shards, head to our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides hub for even more tips and help. 

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