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Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Count Hits 1 Million

Apparently a lot of people want to visit the Dreamlight Valley, as the Disney Dreamlight Valley player count has already reached 1 million in just 10 days of release. That’s a lot of people who have bought into a game that will be going free to play next year, so let’s take a look at it, shall we?

Why is the Disney Dreamlight Valley player count so high?

There’s clearly something about the Disney-heavy premise that has driven the Disney Dreamlight Valley player count to where it is now. Disney Dreamlight Valley is a free-to-play life simulator that will have characters from Mickey & FriendsThe Lion King, Toy Story, The Little MermaidMoana, and more. You’ll arrive in the dream world of Dreamlight Valley and begin a quest to restore the once-idyllic village that’s now full of Night Thorns after an event called The Forgetting.

In the Dreamlight Valley, you’ll uncover mysterious secrets and explore diverse realms that are inspired by Disney and Pixar films. This means story arcs and activities like serving up Disney-themed dishes alongside characters such as Remy from Disney and Pixar’s Ratatouille. You’ll will also be able to fish with Goofy at the fishing hole and grow vegetables in Wall-E’s garden patch. 

What’s coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The Disney Dreamlight Valley player base is undoubtedly excited (even if it’s just predictable fun) about what’s coming next, and the Early Access roadmap confirms that The Lion King and Toy Story universes are coming to the game this fall.

Long live the king.

The first update coming to the game is The Lion King update this fall, where there’ll be a main story continuation, Scar’s arrival, and more. The second update introduces multiple new characters from Toy Story, adds a new realm, and more in late fall. More major updates will be coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley in 2023.

As for the most recent minor update, one was released yesterday. It adjusted the spawn rates and loot tables for sparkling buried items, and also adjusted the loot tables for feeding critters and clearing Night Thorns. Basically, the latest update made the game more convenient to play, and it also included a bunch of bug fixes. As a result of this update, the Nintendo Switch version has increased text font size, increased menu loading speed, and reduced crash frequency, which should come as a relief to those playing the Switch version.

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