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Disney Invests $1.5bn In Epic To Create New Universe Connected With Fortnite

Disney has announced it’s teaming up with developer and publisher Epic to create a “games and entertainment universe” connected to the popular free-to-play title Fortnite. As part of this Disney is also investing $1.5 billion to acquire an equity stake in Epic Games.

This new game universe and “multiyear project” (powered by Unreal Engine) will offer a “multitude of opportunities” for fans to play, watch, shop and engage with content, characters, and stories from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar” and other IP.

Disney’s Chief Executive Officer Robert A. Iger called it Disney’s “biggest entry ever into the world of games”, mentioning how it offered “significant opportunities for growth and expansion”. Epic founder and CEO Tim Sweeney believes this “open and interoperable ecosystem” will only reinforce the bonds between the Disney and Fortnite communities.

Fortnite has previously featured plenty of Disney-themed content updates based on the Marvel and Star Wars series. This new universe is apparently coming “soon(ish)”, so we’ll let you know when we hear more.

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