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Disney Mirrorverse lets you use battle-ready versions of Disney and Pixar characters in an action RPG, now open for pre-registration

Disney and Kabam just dropped some exciting news for fans of the beloved mega-franchise in the form of Disney Mirrorverse, an upcoming team-based action RPG on mobile. Landing on both iOS and Android devices in all regions on June 23rd this year, the gorgeous new title takes players into a variant universe to see their fave characters from Disney and Pixar reimagined in ways they’ve never seen before.

In Disney Mirrorverse, players can expect to take up arms and fight malevolent forces in a new divergent universe where the forces of light and dark collide. The game features popular Disney and Pixar characters transformed into Mirrorverse Guardians battling against the Fractured to save their reality.

Players have the opportunity to earn through gameplay or purchase currency that can be put toward unlocking Mirrorverse Guardians, talents that improve their Guardian’s abilities, and items such as potions to assist in gameplay,” says Mark Raham (Kabam – Executive Producer) on the game’s monetisation and gacha aspects. “We want every player’s session to be fun and meaningful – and designed the game so that all players can earn currency and progress in the game. Players who choose to spend may progress at an increased pace, but we strive to create a balance such that players have multiple paths to progression.”

Combat is action-packed as players can take advantage of their characters’ unique skills to fight the good fight in real-time. Characters range from Baymax to Maleficent, as players can enjoy a diverse lineup of heroes and villains from Disney and Pixar and add them to their squad lineup. The game not only features an engaging Story Mode but also story quests, event quests, alliance missions and other thrilling dungeons.


The current focus is on supporting launch features such as Alliances, where players work together asynchronously to compete in Alliance Events, to attain ranks and earn special rewards,” continues Raham, when asked about multiplayer features. “The action gameplay in Disney Mirrorverse is built to play and feel great on touch controls. Tap, swipe, hold, dodge, dash, attack, etc – it’s really fun and deceptively deep. While we’ll only be supporting touch controls at launch, we will continue to engage with our players and look for ways to improve the game experience.”

Disney Mirrorverse is now open for pre-registration on the official website for those who want to get first dibs (and cool milestone rewards) as soon as the game launches.

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