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Don’t Starve meets Hades in this free to play twin-stick shooter

It’s tough to explain exactly what Wizard with a Gun is without firing off in multiple directions. It has all the visual appeal of many modern top-down perspective hit titles like Hades, with all the survivor and sandbox elements of a game like Don’t Starve. Ultimately, Wizard with a Gun is impressive enough to blend tons of different genres into its own unique blend, and it’s finally building up the Steam player base to show cash in on its potential.

Wizard with a Gun launched in October 2023 to a relatively small audience. Published by Deolver Digital and developed by Galvanic Games, Wizard with a Gun takes many risks in its gameplay design, especially as an indie game. A survival game by nature and a cooperative twin-stick shooter by combat, Wizard with a Gun is both chaotic fun on the battlefield and engaging as a survival sandbox game.

Combat in Wizard with a Gun involves the player using magical guns (shocking) crafted and upgraded throughout the game. Players are also given a loadout of movement abilities to traverse, including standard rolling and dodging. This type of combat lends itself to cooperative play, but this is also where the survival aspects become key.

Players share their resources and build bases, exploring the world and its diverse environments. Each Wizard with a Gun playthrough is randomized, meaning you’ll encounter several areas as you progress.

The game has exploded in popularity on Steam recently. According to stats site Steam Charts, Wizard with a Gun hit its peak player base on May 19 at 3,844 players. This number crushes its previous peak, less than 500 peak players before this week.

This bump in players is likely due to the game being made free to play for a short period of time.

Wizard with a Gun is free to play until May 23, and you can download and start playing here. If you’re digging the game, you can buy it for 50% at $12.49 / £9.86 until May 23 as well.

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