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Dragalia Lost announces service shutdown later this year

Today, Nintendo announced that their mobile gacha RPG Dragalia Lost will be finishing up its main story in July, and then shutting down afterwards. After nearly five years of running strong, Dragalia Lost is coming to a close at some point towards the end of this year.

It’s always sad to see a well-known and huge mobile game close its doors, but unfortunately, plenty of the most popular ones tend to meet this fate sooner or later. With Granblue Fantasy developers Cygames and Nintendo at the helm, audiences expected Dragalia Lost to become a mainstay in the mobile sphere, and truth be told it mostly did, but this legendary collaboration simply had to end eventually.

It’s not all bad news, however, as Nintendo also announced that the main quest of Dragalia Lost would be finishing up in July with the release of the game’s final instalment, part two of Chapter 26. March 31st will see the final character update as well, and the existing summon showcases for dragons and adventurers will continue to be made available until service ends. They also ended this announcement with a thank you to the fans of Dragalia Lost for being so loyal and supportive.

The exact reason for this shutdown hasn’t, and likely will not be revealed, but fans are left hoping that Nintendo doesn’t completely shut out the IP as it had a massive following and was one of Nintendo’s longest-lasting mobile releases. With the success it saw, fans hope that Nintendo won’t leave them in the dust and instead might end up releasing some sort of spinoff, or perhaps even a sequel if we’re lucky.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to experience it while you still can, Dragalia Lost can be found for free on both the App Store and Google Play. It’s likely that plenty of handouts and free campaigns will be running to allow every player to experience the full game before it shuts down, so get in while you can!

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