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Dragon Age Dreadwolf At The Game Awards 2023? #dragonage #thegameawards

An EA developer may have spilled the beans on the Dragon Age Dreadwolf release date and I talk about how that may impact the recent rumors of the next Mass Effect possibly not coming until 2029.

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19 days ago

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Random Wand'rer
19 days ago

Frostbite can do great cinematics. Mass effect had incredible cus scenes. And Inquisition was well animated too.
Andromeda was pants. Wooden pants. Crappy wooden pants. Ive seen better animation watching my 5 year old play with barbie.
But im sure Bioware will be back on form. They learned from Andromeda. They know it matters.

Random Wand'rer
19 days ago

Bioware did an INCREDIBLE JOB with N7 day, with a fun puzzle and a gorgeous trailer and lots of clues in the poster.
And thats only in pre production.
There's no reason to think they won't give as much or more for Dragon Age, which is close to release.
Yes I am definitely expecting good things for the game awards.
And with the enthusiasm for BG3, I think it's a good time to show off a new fantasy game.
I am a hard-core Mass Effect fan. But i also adore Dragon Age, most of all Inquisition.

Matt Stansbeary
19 days ago

I'm scared please Dragon Age come out & be good.

Eden Link
19 days ago

Well the next Dragon age have to be really I mean REALLY GOOD. Because after Baldur's gate 3 everyone will capare that game to Dragon age dread wolf.

19 days ago

I'm huffing what the DA fans are. After the yr BioWare has had I'd bet we get at least a trailer at TGA. 🤞

Moira Mcbutts
19 days ago

Just a point of clarification — there's been three trailers for DA:D, missed the one that came out last year with the stylized artwork and Varric narrating.

I'm honestly huffing hopium bigtime for something with Dragon Age at the VGAs this year. I thought it was really unlikely last year but still watched, but this year actually seems way more likely based on how everything has been pulling together.

Did you see/hear the hidden track D'READ KODA that was released on the new vinvyl recently? It appears that they managed to get Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe on board for the game soundtrack, and if nothing else, I'm betting the soundtrack for DA:D is going to be incredible.

19 days ago

Would be the best time to show it blunt any speculation regarding what is going on. The development cycle has been problematic with all the changes in format as well as using Frostbite which has been noted is cumbersome to work with.

19 days ago

I'm just wondering how much Frostbite had to do with the delays from a technical perspective. If the next ME is in Unreal I think we will get the answer.

I hope this is their last game with Frostbite. I feel like BW never really mastered it or maybe it just won't work for the type of games they like to do.

Hope for a DA:D summer release in 2024 so next N7 we get something juicy.