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Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend is an upcoming MMORPG with dragons and a cool pet system, now open for pre-registration

Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend is an upcoming MMORPG with pre-registration now open on Android and iOS. The game features a thrilling tribal adventure across a vast world, along with pet companions, cool equipment and gorgeous dragons.

In Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend, players begin their journey as a young boy who embarks on an epic quest to discover the prophecy of the Book of Loyat. You’ll not only encounter dragons on your journey, but you can also spend your time on Star Island taming pets such as Icy Bear, Fire Wyvern, Bluish Parrot and more (pets can be evolved to help you in combat). The special Mentor-Disciple system also lets you complete missions every day to score in-game goodies.

There are multiple class combinations to tinker around with as well. For instance, the Priest class can command the power of the elements and has the ability to speak to spirits. This class can harness chants and spells that deal both single and area damage between elements, which can be ideal for crowd control. They can also offer ranged burst damage with stun and slow effects.

If you’re eager to give the new game a go, Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend is now available for pre-registration on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can join the community of followers on the official Facebook page for more info on all the latest developments, or have a look at the embedded trailer above to get a feel of the game’s gameplay and visuals.

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