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Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Before You Buy

Dragon’s Dogma 2 (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S) is the next installment in Capcom’s cult hit RPG series. How is it? Let’s talk.
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22 days ago

"Why limit yourself to one dogma"
– Oppenheimer

22 days ago

Honestly, this game was disappointing. It's pretty with fun combat, but the dialog is bloody weird and the quests kinda suck. Also I wish my pawns would stfu. I really didn't feel like having a bunch of freedom made the game particularly better.

22 days ago

Apology video has already dropped.

22 days ago

I feel like people who are having bad issues are people trying to max out the graphics in the game. I have a Ryzen 7900x with a MSI RTX 4070Ti & I run it fully maxed out with ray tracing at 1440p getting a consistent 60fps with 30+ hours of gameplay so far. Also changed the rendering mode to interleave instead of progressive, i get considerably better performance that way. Now this is with DLSS turned off… sooo idk what YT reviewers are talking about. Now before the most recent update the stuttering in major cities was an eyesore but now with the new update i get 0 stuttering at all. Now you can say i got a beefy system which sure I do but my roommate has a 3060 & he even runs the game no problem at 1080p.

22 days ago

Honest question when is the last time any of us played a triple A game with high end graphics that didn't have inconsistent framerates?

22 days ago

Some frustrating quest designs aside, i am totally loving this game. So much more and better than the first.

22 days ago

"No way to start a new game" guess capcoms listening lmao yall bitch about everything, shut the hell up already, you're the same people that bragged about killing Margot on elden ring like that was an accomplishment

22 days ago


22 days ago

Thanks so much for this review. I liked the first game, but all the while i was enjoying the combat i really wished the story and characters were a bit more engaging. There was something so generic and flat about that aspect of it and from the sounds of it i dont think that's changed this time around.

Im ready for either dragon age 4 or ES6.

22 days ago

looks fun, will buy

22 days ago

Really impressive character creation, then zooms in on it's nuts

22 days ago

I will do nothing for every like this comment gets.

22 days ago

No combat wounds on enemies.gets a automatic 4/10

22 days ago

Honestly this game just seems like a slightly more complex version of baulders gate 3

22 days ago

Why are the graphics so bad?

22 days ago

The Micro transactions, the missing save games and the dragonplague which can ruin your uneditable savegame are keeping me off of the game. Yesterday i said i will buy it for 30€. Maybe I'll wait even longer.

22 days ago

So so sad about this. I bought a ps5 for 60 frames. My eyes have adjusted to it for the past 2 years. Movies are fine in 30 frames. Games need a 60fps setting nowadays. Please update this. Its 2024.

22 days ago

This was my fastest sub to date

22 days ago

Is there any way you guys do a before you buy for nine days it's a game that came out near the end of March on pc

22 days ago

you have just made this game sound like a load of shit

22 days ago

13:30 The troll picking him up and then tossing him off the cliff, with the slime at the bottom waiting for a nibble is what sold me. Downloading now 😂

22 days ago

Before you buy don't f**** buy

22 days ago

Ngl , it sounds like it will give you a big headache . What i like about souls game is that the interactions are very minimal .

22 days ago

Are pawns like companions in BG3,you can gear them up and make a build for them,lvling them up and stuff?

22 days ago

Trying to MILK some money before Elden Ring DLC

22 days ago

Should I get this or Bukders Gate 3? Im dumb fucked about this decision.

22 days ago

I've heard micro transactions are back… What do y'all think? I still haven't bought this yet but I wanna play so bad