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Dragon’s Dogma player discovers a problem with NG+ Pawns being a little overpowered

Love them or hate them, Pawns are a big part of any playthrough in Dragon’s Dogma 2. The keen little fellows pick up where your class fails and can be a real boon to exploration in the game. However, as they level with your players, you may find they eventually become a little too powerful for their own good.

God tier pawns

As you level up in Dragon’s Dogma 2, so do your Pawns. They stay pretty much at your level, meaning you don’t have sidekicks that get tapped by the enemies in the game. This all makes sense and works pretty seamlessly until you start to reach NG+ levels.

At around level 75, the Pawns are now kitted out in all the finest armours and wielding monstrous spells and weapons. This is all good if you have them in your party, but a lot of Pawns just roam the lands, looking for an Arisen to latch onto. The beasts and nasties of Dragon’s Dogma 2 aren’t up to dealing with overpowered Pawns like this.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

A number of high-level players have been spotting the bigger roaming enemies in the game—things like Gryphons and Ogres. Ready for a good fight and some nice loot, they make their way over to them. However, what has started happening is that the free-range Pawns in the game have got there first.

Usually, this wouldn’t be a problem. A few regular Pawns are nice to have around. They cut down a little HP, work as a suitable distraction, and provide healing and ranged attacks. However, when you’re playing at the high levels, so are the roaming Pawns. These overpowered Pawns are obliterating even the most powerful enemies on the map before the Arisen can even get a word in edgeways.

A redundant Arisen

This leaves the Arisen without a job to do. No longer are the lands plagued with monsters as the culling performed by the Pawns is more than enough to maintain the peace. The Arisen has nothing more to do and can put their feet up and enjoy the life of a luxurious royal.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Sigurd Dragonsbreath Tower
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Although a lot of the enemies scale with the Arisen in the game, the fact that the Pawns are outfitted with top-tier loot makes them a force to be reckoned with. This poses a bit of a problem for late-game play. The highest level reachable in Dragons Dogma 2 is 999. At this point, the Pawns will be running their own NG+.

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