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Dreamcast revival C-Smash VRS is getting a non-VR release on PS5

C-Smash VRS – last year’s well-recieved PSVR2 update of Sega’s cult 2001 arcade and Dreamcast sci-fi sports game Cosmic Smash – is wiggling out of its headset to get a non-VR edition on PlayStation 5, also available to existing owners, later this year.

The original Cosmic Smash offered something like a futuristic blend of Breakout and squash, taking players on a sci-fi subway ride between stages challenging them to clear blocks at the end of a long room using a ball and racquet, all within a time limit.

Last year’s PSVR2 reimagining from developer Wolf & Wood – which is making its way to Meta Quest 2/3/Pro and Pico 4 headsets from today, 4th April – adapted the formula to support first-person, motion-tracked racquet-smashing. As for the newly announced non-VR version, officially titled C-Smash VRS – New Dimension, it restores the third-person action of the Dreamcast and arcade originals with full controller support.

C-Smash VRS – New Dimension announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

C-Smash VRS – New Dimension features solo play across 140+ levels, a variety of online versus and co-op modes, cross-platform leaderboard support, plus a dynamic synth soundtrack from Danalogue and Rez Infinite’s DJ Ken Ishii. It’ll be made available as a free update to the PSVR2 edition, meaning VR and non-VR modes of play will be accessible to all players.

Publisher RapidEyeMovers says it has “some surprises in store” for the new version which it’ll reveal closer to release. It hasn’t yet said when that’ll be, but C-Smash VRS – New Dimension will launch for PlayStation 5 “later this summer”. And if you’re curious to learn more about C-Smash VRS, Eurogamer’s Ian Higton took at look at the PSVR2 version last year.

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