Dreamlight Valley Festival Of Friendship Update Packs Quality-Of-Life Improvements

The popular Disney Dreamlight Valley is getting ready to introduce its third major update since launching last summer. Titled “Festival of Friendship,” the biggest additions this time come in the form of characters from Encanto and Frozen. As well as that, players interested in the main storyline will be happy to get a continuation of it as the Frosted Heights are set to be healed.

Over on the Steam Community Forums, developer Gameloft has posted a laundry list of updates and changes that reveal more about what this newest patch will add. In addition to the previously announced characters Mirabel and Olaf, there are plenty of quality-of-life fixes that should make designing and decorating your village and home more flexible. There are also a number of bug fixes that will smooth out any issues players might encounter.

Disney Dreamlight Valley February 16, 2023 Update

New Content and Features:

– Kristoff’s stall has received a slight overhaul. In previous updates, we made some changes to his stall, with a goal of striking a balance between making the shop more interesting and enticing (i.e. adding iron ingots), and ensuring that gathering rare materials isn’t made trivial (i.e. adding a daily limit). We heard your feedback – especially about the change to coal – and kept iterating. As a result, we’ve tweaked the settings a little and brought back something you loved. The daily buy limit has been removed for coal and we’ve increased the buy limit for everything else at the stall (from 3-5 to 10-20). 

– Miracle Growth Elixir, Miracle Pickaxe Polish, Miracle Shovel Varnish, Miracle Fishing Bait (and their Even More Miraculous alternatives) have had their efficiency increased and the resources required to craft them reduced. 

– Various optimizations, including performance and stability improvements on all platforms.  

– The New Game button has moved to the settings menu and is now called Reset Game. 

– Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to navigate around the menu while cooking.  

– “Remembering Old Times” quest: Players should no longer encounter issues taking the photo necessary to progress in this quest.  

– “Stitch’s Hobby” quest: The TV in this quest should no longer pose a progression blocker or disappear from the player’s inventory. 

– Trash-clearing quests: Cleaning trash piles in Goofy and Merlin’s homes should now result in successful progression in these quests. 

– “A Deal with Ursula” quest: After further investigation of this quest, issues involving placing the crystals on the pedestals should be fixed. 

– “The Final Trial” quest: Players should now be able to pick up the Falling Water to progress in this quest. 

– “How Far You’ll Go” quest: The game should no longer crash when initiating a conversation with Moana to give her a fish. 

– “Magic Moments” quest: Reduced sushi quest requirement to resolve an issue some players were encountering. 

– “What Home Feels Like” quest: A new fix has been deployed to help resolve the pesky Glittering Herring bug. We will closely monitor this topic alongside the update launch, as we know this quest has been prickly for some players. 

– “The Definition of a Hero” quest: Making the asphalt and balloon arch should now progress the quest as intended. 

– “With Great Power” quest: The Crystal Key should no longer disappear or duplicate for players progressing in this quest. 

– “The Ceremony” quest: Players should now be able to take the final photo without getting stuck on the photo screen. 

– “A Space Ranger Reputation” quest: Buzz Lightyear and Ursula should now speak with each other, triggering the next step of the quest. 

– Fixed an issue which was causing some players’ games to freeze when leveling up either the avatar or villager, most notably after talking with them. 

– Fixed an issue in which villager houses disappear and cannot be recovered. 

– The crafting menu should now function more reliably as an issue which would cause movement to be disabled after selecting an item and switching tabs has been resolved. 

– Improved the spawning of ground-based materials in certain biomes. 

– The mailbox will no longer display duplicates of received mail. 

– You can now purchase those pesky candles in Scrooge McDuck General Store! 

– And many more fixes! 

Those are the patch notes for the Festival of Friendship update. Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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