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Duet Night Abyss releases new gameplay trailer as technical test kicks off

Lots of information about gameplay, environments, factions, and characters is revealed

  • Novel gameplay features such as Impressions, Customization, and Dressing Room created
  • Combat system will smoothly transition between melee and ranged, with a Foraging mechanic
  • Two rival factions take on each other and individual characters showcase their skills

Last year, hero Entertainment and Pan Studio revealed their latest project, Duet Night Abyss, a multiplatform fantasy adventure RPG. While there’s still time for the game to launch, a Technical Test has just kicked off, giving a select few a shot at trying the title out. This comes alongside a brand new gameplay trailer, aptly called Kaleidoscopic Games at Atlasia.

Duel Night Abyss’ latest gameplay trailer is a visual extravaganza, showcasing a range of stunning environments, from bustling steampunk-magitech cities to serene seaside villages and enchanting forests. Each scene sparks curiosity about the mysteries awaiting exploration.

The trailer further demonstrates all the new gameplay features that have been designed for the RPG. A novel Impression system with five discrete metrics has been created, influencing character development and quest outcomes based on dialogue choices. Moreover, the Customization and Dressing Room features allow you to personalize characters with a range of accessories.

As for the combat, expect a seamless transition between melee and ranged weapons. The game’s fluid combat system, coupled with the Forging mechanic for weapon diversification, promises thrilling and dynamic battles. In addition, you can craft various items and accessories to enhance progression.

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The game portrays a conflict between two main factions – the imperial forces and the menacing Filthoids. These groups are locked in a struggle for supremacy over the continent of Atlasia, each with its own distinct motives. While the former believes in maintaining strict discipline, the latter includes corrupt monsters. What side are you on?

Towards the end of the trailer, you’ll be greeted by familiar faces. Characters like the jellyfish, black dragon, and white dragon are back to show you their prowess. You also get a glimpse of each character’s unique combat skills and strategic roles.

If you’re interested in Duet Night Abyss, then pre-register for the game by visiting the official website.

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