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Dungeon & Fighter Mobile fully launches in Korea for iOS and Android

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, the mobile adaptation of the popular Korean MMO Dungeon Fighter Online, has fully launched in Korea. This news should excite many as fans of the original action MMO can now play it on the go.

Dungeon Fighter originally started as a 2D side-scrolling action-based MMO, but after over 15 years of operating, is just now starting to branch out into other genres such as the new fighting game and now the mobile adaptation. This version of Dungeon Fighter hopes to allow fans of the original a way to play on their mobile devices without sacrificing any of the endless depth the MMO holds.

If you were to look at any gameplay of the original Dungeon Fighter Online, you might be at an absolute loss as to how they would transfer the wildly fast and incredibly input heavy combat of the game to mobile. The developers want to assure fans that the system has been reworked from the ground up to take advantage of the touchscreen inputs, and will still allow players to use chain combos, slides, and expansion slots just like the base game.

While your class choices will be more limited in this version as opposed to the insanely large cast of the original, expected given the 15+ years of operation, it still will have plenty of content and attempt to put forth the same amount of depth and precision required from Dungeon Fighter’s combat. Once you choose your class, you’ll experience an action-packed story across time and space as you master that class and perfect your inputs until you can handle even the toughest challenges.

If you’re located in Korea and looking to get into Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, you can find it for both iOS and Android on TapTap. As for the rest of us, there’s no news on the global launch front just yet, but keep an eye on Nexon or Neople’s Twitter handles in case any announcements come out.

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