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E3 2021 – The Best Nintendo Direct Ever!

Could the E3 2021 Nintendo Direct with Zelda Breath of the Wild 2, New Smash Reveals, Zelda 35th Anniversary and Metroid 35th Anniversary become the best Direct Ever?

Yes. And in this video we go over how and why June 15th might be the Direct that we will remember forever!

#BreathoftheWild2 #NintendoE3 #Zelda35thAnniversary

Thumbnail credits:

Nuavic – Link Cutting Zelda’s Hair

Samus with Helmet Off
Breath of the Wild 2 Link and Playable Zelda fan concepts – The 3 Eyed Yezen

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Commonwealth Realm
2 years ago

Happy 2nd anniversary of the Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 Reveal! (and 2 years with no new footage and gameplay lol)

2 years ago

Get ready to be disappointed
I don't expect shit (I have a bingo card just in case)

Mr. Frogggy
2 years ago

2:35 what kind of CDI shit is that?

Mr. Frogggy
2 years ago

I don’t think that BOTW2 is getting released in 2021.

Pinata creaturehudson
2 years ago

No ooo ooo! I have a flight on Tuesday so I will miss everything

RuTech IT
2 years ago

Really want Zelda: The wind waker HD

Ganon is King
2 years ago

Steve is best Waifu

2 years ago

What I want:
Genshin Impact on Switch
Splatoon 3

Shalome Dome
2 years ago

3D wario land…

Lucas O’Donnell
2 years ago

when he said erika i actually teared up jesus

Leroy Jenkins
2 years ago

New Kirby? Nice. Gotta get it, and also Sonic Colors

Hi there
2 years ago

I remember in 2019 I watched a video claiming that botw2 was gonna be released in 2020. in the comments a guy said something like "no its going to be 2021, or possibly even 2023 if they wanna make it rlly good". and a bunch of ppl replied saying that Nintendo wouldn't take that long again like they did with the first botw? how wrong they were

Robert Marston
2 years ago

NEW sonic games donkey Kong mega man Mario Kart would be good

Sam Webber
2 years ago

Goddamn it I am genuinely pissed off that we aren't getting any news on silksong

2 years ago

Honestly, im just excited for botw 2 and a preview of the switch pro

That King K. Rool Main
2 years ago

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NINTENDO… Just reveal Odyssey 2 and a new Starfox Switch

That King K. Rool Main
2 years ago

MY PREDICTIONS Odyssey 2 reveal(I hope that happens for REAL), New Starfox switch.(I PRAY THAT HAPPENS) Starfox 64 was awesome asl. So was Assault, and Zero. Mario Kart 9, Smash Bros dlc reveal, Metroid Prime 4, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes, and of course Botw 2 update.

Gabe likes Memes
2 years ago

bro can everyone let this dude get excited for a big event in something he is passionate for

Ben Waxler
2 years ago

I'm just hoping for metroid prime 4 news

Fetus Deletus
2 years ago

They better announce that new super monkey ball

Vincent Turco
2 years ago

Oh sweetheart…I’m so sorry

2 years ago

I hope they show some hentai

Jacob Saval
2 years ago

My last hope is on Nintendo and rockstar

Adonis Sookoo
2 years ago

This E3 was a good 4/10

2 years ago