EA is letting developers freely nick Apex Legends’ ping system

It’s hard to imaging how we played multiplayer games before Apex Legends’ ingenious ping system. But while games like Fortnite, Halo Infinite, and many others have implemented similar features, EA will now let developers freely copy Apex’ pings wholesale as part of a wider push towards accessibility.

Starting today, EA’s Accessibility First Patent Pledge grants free and unrestricted access to five of the publisher’s patents. Alongside “Contextually Aware Communications Systems” (i.e. Apex pings) that lets folks with hearing or speaking issues (or who may, for various reasons, may not want to hop on voice chat) call out enemies, weapons, and game states, the lineup also includes three patents for colourblind rendering techniques and an as-yet-unused patent for generating better audio in real-time for those with hearing deficiencies.

Additionally, EA has released the source code for a tuneable colourblindness solution over on GitHub.

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

While EA will consider adding more of its patents to the pledge in the future, the publisher is hoping this move pushes the rest of the industry to be as forthcoming with accessibility tools in kind. 

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