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1 year ago

it looks just as beautiful as I imagined

1 year ago

imagine making a game with two creators who love to kill the main characters. now really prepare to die

1 year ago

Expecto Patronum 2:29

Mouchi 23
1 year ago

This is glorious! I started playing Souls games at the right moment so I too can enjoy this hype!

1 year ago

Yes, indeed.

1 year ago

2:00 her model looks kinda bugged if you look around her waist

1 year ago

Are we supposed to understand anything that's going on here? The whole game looks like a boss rush; we didn't really see what it's about. Also, why did they show literally every boss in the trailer? Lastly, what's up with the 2010 graphics?

tangled earphones
1 year ago

Day 4 of watching the same trailer for
Foul tarnished in search of the elden ring

1 year ago

"I command thee, KNEEL"

Gives me chills.

Jonathan Bergeron
1 year ago

1:55 Player character does a quickstep. If you go frame by frame you can just barely tell that they were, in fact, two-handing a dagger.

1 year ago

Looks like dark souls.

1 year ago

Omg i can't wait to play it
I've never bought a game when it's released BUT this time is the time. I will, YES I WILL

deka hendry
1 year ago

Dont mind me, im here for my daily dose….

Finn Mertens
1 year ago

Pegi 16

1 year ago

cant wait for the gamejournalists to cry over the difficulty 😀

1 year ago

This gameplay has created some "Berserk" all around the globe huh…

Leonardo Vieira
1 year ago

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa que dlc

Sean Siegfried
1 year ago

The Elden Ring…. someone must extinguish they flame…. kinda unoriginal, no? Can't we come up with something better than a thiny veiled Lord of the Rings?

Lucas Hoffmann
1 year ago

i wish fromsoft go on to make an mmorpg

Sachin Rajput
1 year ago

I could read "YOU DIED" 234 times while watching the trailer.

aley cobain
1 year ago

friendship ended with breath of the wild 2, now elden ring is my best friend

Arab Trooper
1 year ago

Cyberpunk taught me not to be over excited for a game no matter how good the previous work of the dev….OMG 1:33 THE HORSE GOAT JUST MADE A SUPER JUMP, THIS IS GONNA BE THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!

Adam Mee
1 year ago

Praise the s…. erm?…ring!!!

1 year ago

Anyone else hearing one note from Gwyn's theme in the trailer??

Duke Cats
1 year ago


あれこれ Arekore With friends

"Emboldened by the flame of ambition" sentence togheter with the music hits me right in the heart !

1 year ago

darksoul+berserk character design

Giovanni Federici
1 year ago

I can’t stop watching this, esp since the disappointment which was E3

1 year ago

I'm gonna watch this Trailer atleas another 221 more times. Once every day until its release.

Lauren Bastin
1 year ago

A Song of the Lord of the Game of Dark Souls

1 year ago

it seems really slow

1 year ago

I see shields and that makes me a happy man.

Mouad El Moujaddidi
1 year ago

Crying my eyes out here because Babylon's Fall hurt me

Rasheed Wall
1 year ago

Almost forgot to watch this trailer today again…..10 times….

Arda Akcelep
1 year ago

Im a simple man… I see dragons that catches lightnings and throw it at me , i die…

Corusame Occasum
1 year ago

1:31 Watch the middle skeleton. Literally unplayable

Elias bonafe'
1 year ago

bandai is continuing to pin comments from people who loved the trailer. Well, I guess they loved it as well 😀

1 year ago


1 year ago

Graphics are kind of messy I think

Will Zhao
1 year ago

From's character animation is off ever since Sekiro and seems it has spread to Elden Ring as well…

Yug Gautam
1 year ago

I hope there is parry and not just dodge

1 year ago

Glad you didn't abandon the PS4.

André Nunes
1 year ago

Is it just me or the voice actor that says the line «Foul Tarnished…In search of the Elden Ring…embolden by the flame of ambition…» is the same that gives voice to Kain in the Legacy of Kain series?

Veyis Çapanoğlu
1 year ago

Graphics are unfortunately old generation. It is not good.

1 year ago

I still can‘t beleave this is actually real

aka -
1 year ago

Dark soul X Seigneur des anneaux

1 year ago

An Elden Ring trailer a day, keeps the depression away :3

1 year ago

Перед нами типичный соулс, без черт от бб. И это печально.

Angry Sub-Zero
1 year ago

Looks great. But it's unfortunate that they've decided to reuse DaS3 animations. Having new ones would have been better at establishing some distance from Dark Souls.

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