Elden Ring speedrunner slashes world record to 19 minutes, as community split over patches

Elden Ring recently received a giant patch that, among other things, removed certain glitches that speedrunners had been using to yeet themselves across the Lands Between. Among version 1.03’s removals is the important ‘zip glitch,’ so speedrunners continue to use 1.02 to take advantage of it, and they’re getting faster.

Distortion2 is a longtime Souls speedrunner (among other games) and streamer, who recently managed to end a 15-hour stream by zip-glitching the hell out of Elden Ring. The zip is an extremely specific glitch that depends on the player’s hardware and some of the background maths of the game, but the outcome is simple: You can warp across the map, skipping giant chunks of the game entirely.

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