Elden Ring speedrunner tears through the game in 2.5 hours without dying

Elden Ring speedrunner niko bellic carved a path through the game, from start to finish, in a little over two and a half hours, and they did it without dying once. The speedrun video contains massive spoilers if you haven’t finished the game yet, which is probably almost everyone right now. But as someone who has, I can tell you that niko bellic’s run is impressive for both the way the route makes use of all of the game’s built-in location skips, and how they managed to execute all of the required boss fights without taking a fatal hit.

The speedrun starts like every casual playthrough of the game. Niko bellic chooses Vagabond as their starting class and then almost immediately starts sprinting through the game. They take a direct path to the Gatefront Site of Grace, grab Torrent, and head toward the waygate that teleports you to northern Caelid. Torrent is crucial for much of the run because it allows niko bellic to skip almost everything that isn’t part of the critical path through the game. They can do things like run up to the Night’s Cavalry boss without taking a hit, and then lead it over to the bridge where it leaps off to its death for easy runes. Many of the boss fights in the run seem to happen purely for leveling up or for items to increase niko bellic’s damage. 

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