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ELDEN RING! Summer Game Fest 2021 Trailer Reactions | RogersBase E3 2021

0:00 – Summer Game Fest 2021 BEGINS
0:24 – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Trailer Reaction
2:05 – Metal Slug Tactics Trailer Reaction
4:10 – New Hideo Kojima Game Teased
7:55 – Death Stranding: Director’s Cut (Metal Gear Stranding / Death Stranding Solid)
10:54 – Solar Ash Trailer Reaction
12:01 – Planet of Lana Trailer Reaction
14:20 – Overwatch 2 Sombra and Baptiste Redesign Reaction
16:36 – FULL Elden Ring Trailer Reaction

FULL SUMMER GAME FEST 2021 REACTION: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1051988238

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Ali  Goldenboy
1 year ago

Great stream

1 year ago

Next Kojima project, very Silent Hill, we're calling it 'Legally Distinct'

Cody Stegemueller
1 year ago

I hope the next Kojima game isn’t VR I’m not forking out money for a VR set

1 year ago

Watched it on Twitch
Here to drop a like ?

Acidic Alien
1 year ago

React to attack on Titan requiem and compare it to the Og ending and discuss it I think it’d be a cool video

1 year ago

Kojima referencing 9/11 was kinda wild

Maria Proto
1 year ago

Solar Ash reminds me of the look of RWBY, looks amazing!

1 year ago

PS. i here for the Elden Ring Reaction

C Nett
1 year ago

I love Borderlands, but putting C-list celebrities as a selling point in your teaser is not a good sign imo. Now with Dotemu, I'm super hyped for the Ninja Turtles game, that's a day one buy for me.

Weston Meyer
1 year ago

Metal Slug Tactics NEEDS to come to Switch!

1 year ago

Everytime some thing happens, I'm always here for Roger's reaction bc it's always top tier

Dumbledork _
1 year ago

Soo close to 300k

Judge Mortis
1 year ago

I love that everybody is flipping out at the release date for Elden Ring. Release dates really mean nothing until they've been confirmed or pushed back.

Still, the game looks really good. I can't wait to get angry at the amount of times I'm going to die while playing it.

1 year ago

Geoff does what Nintendo better

1 year ago

Great Stream!

1 year ago


Nekotaku TV
1 year ago

Two Swedish games aw yeah.

Homi Yosh
1 year ago

Some YouTubers anticipate E3 all year but don’t even bother listen Kojima speaking ?

Passive Bot
1 year ago

I'm so excited for Metal Slug Tactics and Elden Ring

1 year ago


1 year ago

Talk about a surprise happy birthday to me from FromSoftware. I'm expecting a PS5 in the near future, and Elden Ring comes out 4 days after my next birthday!

1 year ago

Soulsborne games should now be called Soulsbling XD

Kirima Nagi
1 year ago

I'm excited for Elden Ring like everyone else but THAT METAL SLUG TRAILER THOUGH!!

1 year ago

Super hyped for Elden Ring. The Jurassic World Evolution 2 teveal took me by suprise too, two amazing games inmy future. I love it!

Zatiel.D LaBrie
1 year ago

American: sees a bell
Also Americans: It gotta be giant liberty bell

1 year ago

The amount of Beserk references in the Elden Ring trailer was crazy. I'm hoping for a DLC in memory of Kentaro Muira. <3

1 year ago

Roger it makes me happy to hear someone love Death Stranding. I absolutely LOVED it but see so many people who didn't like it

Thingus Bingus
1 year ago

If they announce God Of War Ragnarok I'm going to scream louder than you during smash reveals

bob loris
1 year ago

Bro i feel like kojima was hinting at a mgs1 remake while advertising director's cut verson of death stranding. That hangar area looked awfully like the hangar you are in during the beginning of mgs after the "a surveillance camera?" Scene.

Are A
1 year ago

damn bro I didn't know charlie kirk reacted to video games ?

Liao Jiawei
1 year ago

I'm excited for Tales of Arise.
Two Point Campus looks like fun. I enjoyed Two Point Hospital.
I expected Elden Ring at Bandai Namco's event. It looks cool, and I want to know more about the plot and gameplay.

Eduardo Vásquez
1 year ago

you are hot

Mike Austin
1 year ago

300k subs soon my man 😀

1 year ago

I got three of these games on lock day 0 and dualsense controls woo gives me chills

Tempest Heretic Gaming

I’m a simple man I see Elden Ring I click

Mr Pickles
1 year ago

finally the summer has come)))

Jason Steward
1 year ago

Roger how do you feel about overwatch going cross play

C. B. Alan
1 year ago

I've never seen your hype diminish so fast as when that Wonderland's game came up.

1 year ago

Imagine if more zelda BOTW 2 is announced this E3. Would literally make my year

1 year ago

elden ring changed this summer games fest from a 7/10 to 10/10

1 year ago

sonic adventure 2: battle, best game on the GC

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